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  1. Re: ATH Demetris Robertson Updates (Former 'Bama Commit)

    I remember working with one guy who had two masters degrees from ND. We called him an educated idiot as he could not apply anything he had learned apparently.
  2. Re: Alabama lands new DB coach ...

    Obviously he is a very smart coach -- moving from KY where he was asst DC and coming to Bama as the DB coach. Some may not see this move as a plus. However, he has the opportunity to learn from the...
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    Re: Kirby knew he was leaving.....???

    While Kirby is now with Jawja, I feel no animosity towards him. He did a great job while he was at Bama and it was unrealistic to think we could hold him forever. I knew he was as good as gone as...
  4. Link: Re: Nick Saban Isn't Going Anywhere and Neither is Alabama

    This makes me think of a comment by the ESPN reporter reporting from Tuscaloosa. I don't remember her name. She came on and stated that Alabama does not have a "war room" indicating that Signing...
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    Re: Kevin Turner's son to Clemson

    I wish Nolan had been able to come to Bama on a scholarship -- football or academic. I give Dabo a lot of props for offering Nolan the schollie even though he could have gotten another player with...
  6. Re: Heartfelt thanks to runtheoption22 for his work today!

    It was not that many years ago that I would have to wait for the newspaper the following morning to find out which kids chose Bama -- being in Orangeland it was scant information at best. So you can...
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    Re: ***Terrell Hall commits to BAMA***

    RTR. Just announced on ESPN2 - Terrell Hall commits -- said if he had not been hurt, he would have been a top 20 in the ESPN 300
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    Re: ***OL Scott Lashley announcement thread (update: time uncertain/weather related)

    Welcome! A great choice.
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    Re: ****CB Nigel Knott Commits to Alabama****

    Welcome. Loved his announcement -- short and very sweet! So glad he didn't do that playing with the hats stuff. Shows a certain maturity.
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    Link: Re: Ben Davis Adds Fifth Star

    The biggest selling point for Davis, besides being a legacy, should be list the ILB's now starting in the NFL in the Saban era. Nuff said.
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    Re: 2016 CB/ATH Shyheim Carter Decommits from Alabama

    Certainly hope you're right RTO.
  12. Re: ATH Demetris Robertson Updates (Former 'Bama Commit)

    Totally agree. A degree from Stamford has a lot of cache. Don't blame the kid in the least for wanting to wait a few days to make a decision which will affect the next 3-4 years of his life. That...
  13. Re: Yahoo Sources: NCAA to formally charge Mississippi with rules violations

    Well, you could push me down with a feather. I am so surprised. My flabber has been gasted. Tell me it ain't so. How could the NCAA ever imagine that the 5 stars decision to choose Ole Myth was...
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    Question: Re: 2016 ut football schedule

    It's always a cupcake in November which was why, when the Viles lost to Vanderbilt, the Smokies shuddered and there were wails and mourning through East Tennessee - except for every Bama fan who...
  15. Thread: Mike Shula


    Mike Shula

    I was watching ESPN this afternoon reviewing the NFL championship games from yesterday. Mike was given a lot of love as the OC and QB coach as the Panthers were one of the top scoring offenses in...
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