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    Trey DePriest Out for WVU

    Didn't saban also say a week or so ago that depriest was.not in shape due to the injure.

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  2. Question: Re: Just for fun....who will the starting quarterback be in our first game?

    Yea I hope we see Henry in the wildcat that would be awesome Henry drops back and hits cooper for a 65 yard pass for a td.

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    Re: ESPN college pick'em

    I'm in bigrolltide1877

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  4. News Article: Re: Coach Saban won't mess with Lane Kiffin's play-calling rhythm

    I'm excited to see what kiffin does. I'm so ready for the kiffin haters to shut there traps up.

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  5. Re: Who are you most looking forward to having a great year?

    Lane Kiffin and the Defense line. hoping we have a pass rusher this year but as a whole i hope the whole team has a ton of success.
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    Sleeper teams anyone?

    Here's my extreme bold prediction my pick is wash state. I'm also a big Wazzu fan I just don't follow them as closely as Alabama.

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  7. Re: West Virginia Game Week Press Conferences and Practice Updates

    I like what I'm seeing.

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    Re: Depth Chart Released

    Depth chart looks pretty solid. :D

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    Re: Saturday, August 23 Practice Report

    I see kiffin calling a lot of screens to the hb (drake) and then to cooper we need more explosive plays this year run the ball more and also pa to Howard looking forward to Saturday that's for sure....
  10. Re: What would be your choice for the first game of the season - if not W.V.?

    I just want to kick Oklahoma we played like crap in the sugar bowl. But hey wvu is the next victim.

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    Re: TideFans Members Map

    Added. Pretty cool to see where everyone is from

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  12. Re: Less than 30 days until college football season starts back up!

    Looking forward to seeing some football. Also looking forward to seeing if the sec network lives up to all this hype. Only thing is directv needs to get on board. Roll Tide. It's time once again we...
  13. Question: Re: So, how do you feel about a 4 team playoff now?

    I think the bcs system was working fine. All you gotta do is win your games and your gonna play in the national title game . The new playoff system is a joke and will become a bigger one. They will...
  14. Re: Do You Feel the Selection Committee Will "Get it Right" or do you have concerns?

    The playoff ideal is a bad one i hope it flops. The bcs was working fine.
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. OU - 2nd Half***

    rb screen for td
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