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    Link: Re: The Ebb Of The Tide: Alabama Is Dead

    I was bored and needed a good laugh, so I clicked it.
    My first good laugh came when he described Alabama as "...bad grammar and trailers and more tattoos...".
    And that is from a WEST VIRGINIA...
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    Re: SEC Network Links and news

    TDS Telecom is on.
    I emailed them about it and here is there reply:
    Hello -
    Yes, we have reached an agreement with them and this channel will roll out later this month. I don't have a specific...
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    Re: auburn mascot dies

    I agree its one of the best traditions in college football, even if its from the barn. Hard to think this comes from the group that rolls its own house. Very sorry to hear it passed away. ...
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    Re: IRS unable to produce emails to Congress

    Many companies, such as the large international company I work for, very much limit how long corporate emails are saved on email servers and specifically prohibit pst files ( personal email storage)...
  5. Link: Re: LSU DB Jalen Mills Indefinetely Suspended After Arrest for Second Degree Battery

    Exactly the FIRST thing that popped into my mind.
  6. Game Thread Re: OK, time for the big one - Bama vs. Florida, 7:00 PM, CDT, ESPN...

    Im very excited about this series. And its great that its an all SEC championship! Come on Bama, bring one home again!
  7. Re: Womens softball WCWS action coming up - Bama vs. Kentucky...

    WOW!!! What an exciting inning. Up 2-0 in the final inning. Bases loaded by Kentucky with no outs. Strike out for out 1. Then double play!!! These Ladies are AWESOME!!!!
  8. Re: Womens softball WCWS action coming up - Bama vs. Kentucky...

    Should be a good game. Love to watch our Ladies play. Bring home another championship!!!
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    Link: Re: Saban not a fan of McCarron's comments

    Maybe so, but I still don't see the need to criticize someone for linking to a new article. Even if the "new" article has stale information.
  10. Link: Re: Not football - women's softball - but an excellent read...

    Excellent article! I love watching the women play softball. They have a lot of heart. My daughter plays travel softball here in Knoxville, and one of the other parents (also a Bama fan) said last...
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    Link: Re: Saban not a fan of McCarron's comments

    The article he mentioned was posted today on ESPN. People love to jump on people for not checking if information has been posted before posting a new comment, yet you don't even check to see if it...
  12. Re: Lou Holtz Tells Blue and Gold Illustrated He Plans to Retire After the Season

    And there was much rejoicing throughout the kingdom.
  13. Re: Jameis Winston arrested for shoplifting crab legs at Publix

    Well, after getting away with rape, he must feel he's invincible. And since he's a star at Forced Sex U, he's probably right.
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    Link: Re: SEC Presidents Vote to Keep 8 Game Schedule

    Ya, its pretty clear Florida is MAJORLY in the heads of the LSU leadership. I'd be embarrassed if I was an LSU fan.
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    Link: Re: Petition to stop the newest NCAA rule change

    I was expecting this to be a joke. But someone REALLY is petitioning the White House to intervene, and even wrote it in a child-like rant. How embarrassing for Auburn!!!
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