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    Game Thread Re: Abilene Christian vs. Georgia State

    I was there last year when they played Jax State. It was pathetic. A lot if their attendance seemed to be from free tickets to inner city youths.

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  2. Re: Slight majority of 18-24 yr olds think all kids should get a trophy

    The baseball league my son grew up in did not give out trophies just for playing. But every team we were on (and I assume other teams did as well) threw an end of the year party where we all had to...
  3. Re: Man assaulted after he was told restaurant not safe for whites in MS

    "White man shoots up restaurant full of blacks"
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    Re: Early Lines for Week 1 Games of Interest

    Who is Colorado St. playing?

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  5. Bama #1 in ESPN on field/graduation rate poll
  6. Re: Chinese execute 8 involved in 2013 terrorist attack

    Personally, I'd rather be executed than spend life in prison.

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  7. Question: Re: Just for fun....who will the starting quarterback be in our first game?
  8. Re: New House bill to ban private citizens from owning body armor

    It isn't going to become law. I doubt it will ever get to a floor vote.
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    Re: Beaten to death at McDonalds

    You think they might have been out drinking at 2:00 AM?

    I thought they were just innocent college kids on a late night study break.

    Reminds me of an old Eddie Murphy comedy tape I used to...
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    Re: Construction At The Joe

    I saw a clip in the news last night that showed a bunch of rubble on the field.

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  11. Re: Student sent to principal's office for saying "Bless you" after someone sneezed

    I once worked in an office where every time someone sneezed, there was a race to see who could say "Bless you" the quickest and loudest. One of several reasons I hated working there.
  12. Re: August 19, 2001: A Tribute To Bayoutider (The Day I Met Him)

    I'm another who never met him on here but looks like I missed a lot.
  13. Re: Lesbian Love Triangle Results In Murder In Columbus, Mississippi

    I have noticed that gay men tend to be what women would consider good looking. Usually well groomed and all that. The guy every girl at my high school had the hots for wound up being gay.

    But gay...
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    Link: Re: Baylor's New On Campus Stadium

    The left coast theophobes wouldn't let Mormons join, think they'd let in Baptists?

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  15. Re: Cross burned in yard of white man after being visited by racially mixed grandkids

    The cross burning was the least strange thing in the story.

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