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  1. Re: What would be your choice for the first game of the season - if not W.V.?

    Oregon or Oklahoma State.
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    Re: Early Lines for Week 1 Games of Interest

    Don't know if clemson wins, but I'd think they cover 9 pts.
  3. Link: Re: Saturday Down South's 10 Best SEC RB's of the BCS Era

    Pretty much agree with the list, though I'd probably replace Yeldon with Lacy.

    Having watched Lattimore, he definitely belongs on the list. He was a complete back. Despite only playing roughly...
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    Re: West Virginia 3-3-5 Defense against Alabama

    USC has used a 4-2-5 with much success that past few years, with it being particularly effective against spread-type offenses. I assume the logic is similar with the 3-3-5. What USC has found is...
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    Re: SEC Coaches Describe Their Teams in One Word

    It's funny. Recognizing that is not "enamored"
  6. Re: Current Head Coaches' Records Against Top-25 Teams While at Major-Conference Scho

    Are these stats based on teams ranked at the time of the game is it based on teams that finished the season ranked. Both stats are telling, but the latter would be a better barometer IMO.

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    Re: Trouble Brewing in Louisville

    Todd Grantham, where doing less with more is not just a slogan.
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    Re: Preseason AP out, Bama #2

    Impressive and controversial.
  9. Re: Yahoo Sports: Notre Dame Under Investigation for Academic Fraud

    For reasons unknown to us...yes.
  10. Re: Thank you Rece Davis. Thank you! (HUNH Offenses)

    I think he is spot-on. This is the proper way to address the HUNH. The rules are already in place, just find a way to enforce them. If they truly follow up on this and stop catering to the HUNH...
  11. Re: Ranks Top 20 College Football Players According to Its Analysts

    they entertain us until the season starts, nothing more.
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    Re: Don't forget about Kenyan Drake. (Highlights)

    ...and that wasn't a bad USC defense either, Ingram was just the man that day, running through, around, over, and past defenders all day.

    I think Drake's overall skill set is better than Henry's...
  13. Re: WVU- What are You Hearing? It's Quiet. A Little Too Quiet...

    After how the season ended, I would be shocked if CNS doesn't have the team more than ready on opening day.
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    Re: Don't forget about Kenyan Drake. (Highlights)

    Agree 100%.
  15. Link: Re: Spurrier concerned about "too much" access by SEC Network

    I can believe he would say something like that, I just cannot find anything in the article where he said it, or anything similar to that.
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