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    Re: LSU starting qb arrested

    Not calling it UL, you can stay.
  2. Re: Which Tide player made the biggest impression on you as a physical specimen?

    Mathis could hang with him.
  3. News Article: Re: Mark Ingram a Free Agent No Longer...4 Year-16 million dollar deal from the Saint

    The Saints need to spend some money on the O-Line before they will sniff another trophy and make Ingram look like the kind of world class back he really is.
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    Re: Jarrett Johnson retires

    I think a lot of those guys that came from the late Dubose/fRan era get overlooked. I guess maybe it was either the coaches or the program in general might have something to do with that, but there...
  5. Re: Former FB Kyle Bennett speaks about Fran and Shula on local radio show.

    You forgot that Mike Price debacle? I would have forgot that too.
  6. Re: Former FB Kyle Bennett speaks about Fran and Shula on local radio show.

    Evan Mathis was just as nasty as Smiley and probably a tad stronger. He's still in the league which blows my mind for an O Lineman these days. Wesley Britt was also pretty nasty.

    I often...
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    Re: Is LSU on a downward trend?

    LSU will still own the talent rich state of LA but this downward spiral means Bama might steal a few more recruits from Les, especially if Bama goes on to claim another NC.
  8. Re: It is up to Alabama and Auburn to defend the honor of the SEC West

    It has been glorious the last 1.5 days. Kinda glad Arkie won and will pull for the Dawgs in a bowl so happy so far, especially watching Aubie bite the dust.

    Bama needs to take care of bizness...
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    Re: The rest of the SEC's bowl games

    Wow, the Duck Commander nailed their first dive into college football with USC-e and the U.
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    Re: ****Bama vs. Mizzou - Post-Game Thread****

    Great year but we still have more hardware to go get. RTR
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    Re: Gary Danielson on the Alabama-LSU Game

    I hope we don't get lulled into false security that all they will do is run and then get hit with surprise play action passes that catch us by surprise because this is probably going to come down to...
  12. Re: This is LSU week, why does it not feel like it?

    You obviously must not live around Corndog fans. Houston is the melting pot for both Tiger and Bama fans and it for sure feels like LSU game week here in my hood. A few back and forths have taken...
  13. Link: Re: Cam Robinson to miss several weeks with ankle injury

    I am really hoping all of the guys from my hometown of Monroe get some PT on Saturday since I am sure LSU is front and center on their games they want to play in.
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    Re: First Trip to Tiger Stadium

    A Glock.

    Seriously, it's a good time. Wear thick skin though. You will get a Tiger Bait or 3, mostly from the younger fans. If you go through the tailgate area and don't act like a fool, you...
  15. Re: The Barn vs. The Rebels: Who you pulling for?

    Very hard to be on an Aubie fan this week but sometimes you have to take one for the team and Ole Mis needs another loss.
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