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  1. JessN: Re: Texas A&M wrap-up: Seriously, where did this come from?

    Thanks for the review Jess. I've felt for some time now that the players have been under pressure to fill expectations and standards that they sometimes seem to be not really enjoying the game...
  2. JessN: Re: Florida wrap-up: Tide’s growth, gameplan reason for success

    Florida is what I felt like they were. A talented defensive team with little offensive help. The head coach is not very disciplined and neither is the team. Kiffin set up UF with play calling in the...
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    We have to remember also that UF was selling out...

    We have to remember also that UF was selling out to stop the run. Running lanes will be better moving forward. I believe talent wise, the Gators are the best def we will face. Scheme may not be the...
  4. Re: first play: I'm not the only one who instantly thought this, am I?

    That first play was a result of the first three games' playcalling. Nobody respected Simms ability to throw the deep ball because of the screen game. When UF got aggressive, boom hit them with a...
  5. Re: The Future of Alabama Basketball and Anthony Grant

    Do I understand the rule correctly? That players don't actually have to attend college but have to be out of high school at least one year.
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    Game Thread Re: Super Bowl XLVIII: Broncos vs. Seahawks

    Even for an offense driven NFL a great defense still trumps.It's a familliar sight for us Broncos fans since the 80'sthe run. Smh
  7. Re: Interesting article from SI

    I was speaking with a co worker last about the 08philosophy season with JPW. When "the process" is humming you just need a Qb who won't muck up the soup. We will be fine this coming season.
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    I think the difference between Carrol and Saban...

    I think the difference between Carrol and Saban is that Saban is more of a disciplinarian and that clashes with alot more players on the pro level than college.
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    Mine also

    Mine also
  10. I agree to a degree. You always have to have...

    I agree to a degree. You always have to have talent to win game but sometimes when guys don't have that emotional attachment to a program it means something. I know not every player that grows up...
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    Re: Would you hedge your vet? barner loses 50K

    It's the main reason I stay away from Bama games. Gotta make sure you keep your heart out of it. Could not have given up that much cash opportunity even for my Tide.
  12. Re: The end of the SEC streak happens. However, I offer a positive note.

    The outcome works for me. Feels good to see that offense slow by someone. Not stopped but slowed. I won't have to listen to alot of foolishness at work today.
  13. Re: My Take on BCSNCG Tonight (and how it may affect us)

    I don't care for FSU either but if AU wins this game their fans will be almost unbearable to be around. I do do know some who are rational but not many.
  14. Re: It's not just Alabama fans who are "spoiled". A lot of other fanbases are too.

    Winning has a way of destroying a fan base's sense of humility. In 2008 I was hurt by the loss to UF but was so excited about the direction of the program. I'm not tired of being on top by any means,...
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    Poll: I agree I won't watch like I didn't last night....

    I agree I won't watch like I didn't last night. It hurts too much knowing our guys could have and should have been there.
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