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  1. Re: Traveling from Minnesota to 1st Tide game.

    I quit buying ticket before the game. Every game I have attended, regardless of who we played, had tickets for sell at significantly lower prices than any online site.
  2. News Article: Re: Dak Prescott: MSU Just Needed One More Drive to Beat Alabama

    Well, they are both the Bull Dog.
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    Re: Winston strikes back with a counter suit

    Excellent post.
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    Question: Re: Kiffin's final year with the Tide?

    Please, please, please be right.
  5. Re: ESPN's Olbermann won't host show this week over Penn State tweets

    More people have read this thread than watch his show.
  6. Re: Painkillers in the NFL:Keith McCants on the war within

    Agree. Blaming others is the easy way out and dishonest.
  7. Re: Tyren Jones Suspended for Conduct Not to the Standard of the Program

    I tend to agree with this school of thought. This is why I am amazed we have a player on the team who is facing felony charges of aggravated assault. What did TJ do? It must have been really bad.
  8. News Article: Re: SIAP - Erica Kinsman Goes Public (Jameis Winston's Alleged Victim)

    I personally know rape victims. It is a very hard thing to discuss. They only discuss it with people they trust. I also know a few who where accused of rape and it turn out to be a lie. In Bill's...
  9. News Article: Re: SIAP - Erica Kinsman Goes Public (Jameis Winston's Alleged Victim)

    Amen. Suddenly everything you thought was not that big a deal is a huge deal if you have daughters.
  10. Re: Welcome to the Off Season: Ryan Anderson Arrested for Domestic Violence

  11. News Article: Re: Eddie Lacy inspires alternate headgear for Green Bay Packers' Cheeseheads

    Rookie mistake since 'coach' is right beside him.
  12. Re: Ohio State: Next Season's FSU w/o the Drama

    Why? BAMA did. Granted OSU and BAMA are the 2 big dogs now. I can see both teams in the running for the next few years. Don't get me wrong. I want OSU to win their conference and get thumped in the...
  13. Re: Jesses article brings up some good points Offensive changes and Defensive changes

    I agree and this is a spot on assessment. We seem to have lost the instinctive D play and the normal BAMA fundamentals from the DBs. Going 12-2 and being able to 'complain' is pretty good if you ask...
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    Re: Congrats to B1GTide

    I only want OSU to thrive against other teams. Nothing personal. :biggrin2:
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    Re: Who are you pulling for in the NC game?

    Same for me. I watched a few on BAMA games, but the HUNH offense has killed college football for me. I do not enjoy watching BB on grass.
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