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  1. Re: A Saban/Meyer comparison I have not seen discussed...

    Isn't the flip side of saying this that the teams success depended more on CUM presence than on CNS? I don't think that's true but you could argue it just as easily, if not more easily, than the...
  2. Re: Store to pay fans if Ohio State wins national championship

    I swear that this was all that showed for me in this post the 1st time I looked at this page. I thought it was pretty funny as it was.
  3. Re: Store to pay fans if Ohio State wins national championship

    Translation: In no way do we believe tOSU has even a remote chance of accomplishing this.
  4. Re: Bama first team OSU faces with more talent

    I'm not sure that anyone in the country is openly being realistic about the QB situation for you guys. If you can't have at least enough success passing to keep our defense honest then tOSU is...
  5. Re: Big 12 would look "East not West" for expansion

    WWS (What we said) vs WWM (What we meant)

    WWS: We are a self sufficient conference capable of writing our own bylaws and determining our own champion.
    WWM: Eh, we had a vote and decided to let...
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    Re: Behind Enemy Lines, no really.

    Movie trailer: BigRed Down

    Premise/Voiceover: "The story of one man's survival. Trapped behind enemy lines inside the borders of Ohio, one man must make a choice. Succumb to his enemy or fight...
  7. Link: Re: How Nick Saban's office door scared Joey Bosa and what if he were at Alabama, not

    He may well be "SEC Talent" but his competition sure wasn't. I take no issue with the player but I do take issue with the tOSU/media perception that Urban Meyer is "building an SEC team in the...
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    Re: The College HUNH QB and the NFL

    I assume your mortgaging the house and emptying the 401k to make that bet, then?
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    Re: B12 should rethink co-champs.

    One step at a time. The BigXII would first need to add 2 teams to the conference. A recent article here in The Oklahoman outlined 8-10 possible candidates ranging from BYU, UCF, South Florida (All...
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    Re: The College HUNH QB and the NFL

    If Chip Kelly and the Eagles win a SB then you can compile all the stats listing the HUNH/ZoneRead QB failures and set them on fire.
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    Re: SEC Year in Review: Alabama

    Previous thread. See 3rd post for link to SEC Network schedule for re-air times.
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    Re: Les Miles and Michigan

    If Michigan hires him knowing that he will likely go back to the NFL in 2-5 years then, IMHO, they are announcing to all assistants, recruits, and current players: We intend to linger in mediocrity.
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    Re: AJ vs Johnny again?

    Am I the only who thinks that if AJ started a game at this point....with no experience and little practice, that it would be the equivalent of tossing him under a moving train? Even for rookies who...
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    Re: Auburn player killed

    We all wear the same colors when it comes to things like this. Absolutely terrible to hear when young people lose their lives. Prayers for the Auburn team, community, and his family.
  15. Re: Rick Neuheisal on Oregon and the Playoff scenario

    Oregon has not played a team like FSU all year. FSU has not played a team like Oregon all year. So I think those type statements are a wash.

    I think it will come down to the trenches, as it...
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