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    Re: Say something nice about Ohio State thread.

    If you are wanting to learn (or re-learn) calculus....I highly recommend OSU Prof Jim Fowler's class. He's passionate about Calc.
  2. Question: Re: Why does Florida State get a free pass? Discussion of the talking heads on the ra

    Have you ever seen the movie "Mean Girls" or any teen girl movie for that them and think ESPN. It's confusing who they like and who they don't. It's a good thing if you ask me that...
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    Re: Why do we hate Lane Kiffin again?

    I'm not going to say "hate" but I dislike him for the "hostess scandal" while at UT. I think that is a major sign of immaturity and warped priorities.
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    Re: New BCS rankings released...

    [QUOTE=TiderGreg;2277490]Vegas had FSU over Bama as least likely to lose a game from here out, wonder if that's changed after the LSU game, will have to check their upcoming games.

    Don't think...
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    Game Thread Re: Florida vs. Vanderbilt

    I think he gets another year to show progress. Right now, UF is the walking wounded and coming off a BCS bowl appearance. Also throw in that Urban left nothing for CWM to work with in the 2011...
  6. Re: Five SEC Players Took Impermissible Benefits

    What am I missing here? I keep reading about this well documented paper trail, but when I click on the link "evidence" in the article - I find 12 documents that seem relatively...
  7. Re: Spurrier hands out envelopes with $100 in them to reporters

    It's not out of grandfatherly thing SOS knows is offense - whether it be on the football field or field of marketing. Self promotion is his game and he knows exactly what he is doing. ...
  8. Re: 2013 DE Demarcus Walker Update

    what worries me is the HS Coach influence. Thought if funny (odd funny) that during a sports talk radio interview several months ago...the HS Coach when asked was "I try to stay out of the decision,...
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    Re: Same old Georgia fans

    It can't be classified "same old Georgia fans" unless there was at least 5 min of discussion about how good they are going to be "next year"....
    I like UGA, but I think they are happy with...
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    Re: Commit To The Run, and We Win

    It is like we tried to be the big 12 team today....even some of the called runs were finesse runs. Scratching my head on this.
  11. Thread: Trent's first TD

    by Bud

    Re: Trent's first TD

    that run reminded me of his last TD against UF last year....except TR didn't look around to see that no one was within 5 yards of him
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    Re: Tejas Fans Still Bitter?

    If jealousy is green, denial must be burnt orange....
  13. Re: James Franklin won't hire you unless you have a hot wife.

    At the end of the day, every coach and every grad asst can be married to a Miss America contestant....but they would still be coaching "Vandy"...(to Vandy's credit, at least they are not Ole Miss)
  14. Re: I'm an aTm aggie: Our up tempo no huddle throw it around offense...

    Didn't hurry up/pass happy Tex Tech lose to Ole Miss a couple of years ago. Granted that Ole Miss team isn't the Ole Miss of the last couple of years (and the current H Freeze led Rebels will be a...
  15. Re: Charlie Weiss Teaches KU Players How to Celebrate...

    Charlie being the perfectionist, had the team practice "winning" in front of a normal home crowd....
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