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    Re: Better Half - Coaches Wives

    Where is the show on the SEC Network? Can't find it anywhere...
  2. Re: Arkansas Game Week Practice Reports and Media Appearances

    Nick is sure ....ed and that's a good thing. I can only imagine what the locker room was like after the game and I hope some of the players made sure there voice was heard to lit a fire for the rest...
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    Re: Being an alumni of the college="real fan"?

    My wife never understands why I'm a huge Bama fan even though I didn't go to school there. She thinks I should be cheering Mizzou instead since we live in St. Louis area :biggrin2:
  4. Two lower level Tide Pride seats for Texas A&M game for sale

    Posting this on behalf of a friend of mine who is the chapter president of the alumni here in St. Louis. She canít go to the A&M game due to a family function as she wants to sell her two Tide Pride...
  5. Re: CBS uses it's 6 day exemption on Week 7 games (Bama-Arky)

    Do you guys think we'll have the 2:30 CBS slot as well for the A&M game?
  6. Re: Parking on Gameday - boy scouts lots avaliable as usual?

    Remember where those lots were located in campus? Thanks
  7. Re: Parking on Gameday - boy scouts lots avaliable as usual?

    Man - I thought they would stick to $20. If charged $40 for Florida game, then I bet they hike it up a bit for A&M game then.
  8. Parking on Gameday - boy scouts lots avaliable as usual?

    I'm sure this topic has been discussed in the past but I was wondering if the boy scouts have their usual parking spots (one of them I believe is behind the PNC bank on Univ. Blvd.) on campus this...
  9. Question: Re: What are Amari's chances of wining the Heisman?

    Winston will not go to NYC this year no matter if his stats are similar to last year, his suspension this past Saturday sealed his fate. Bank on it. If for some reason, he does go to NYC, I have...
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    Need 2 Ole Miss tickets

    Need a pair of tickets for Ole Miss game in Bama section. Email me at: with cost of both tickets and the seat location. Thanks and RTR!!
  11. Re: At a time when we really need positive role models...there's Derek Jeter....

    Manziel, Winston, Newton and whatever other inmature professional athletes that are such an embrassement to the society of sports in these days need to get their butts enrolled into "Respect 101"...
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    Re: Throwback Thursday picture of the day

    Even with all the hype Tebow got, I rather have him on my team than Winston, Manziel or Newton. I'm sure you all would agree with that.....
  13. Looking for two Bama/Texas A&M tickets

    Looking for a pair of tickets for the Aggies game. Not interested in paying well over face value as I'll stay home if have to. If you got a pair you are looking to get rid of at a fair price; let me...
  14. Question: Re: Would you guys be okay if Coker got the start this week?

    Sims deserves to start, but he really needs to stretch the field with his passing. We got big time WRís now and this is the time to take advantage of their talents. Very hard to utilize their...
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    Need 2 Bama/Tennessee tickets

    Looking for a pair of Tide Pride tickets for the Tennessee game. If have a pair avaliable, please PM me or email me: to let me know and how much you are asking for the pair. ...
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