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  1. Re: Number change - Ronnie Clark changing to #5 - position change sticking?

    Could mean the young safeties are progressing well too.
  2. Link: Re: T J Simmons (Clay Chalkville HS) Commits

    I've watched a lot of these highlight videos. You rarely see plays where a WR is only blocking, but there are several of T.J.
    He looks like a physical receiver with decent speed and good hands. I...
  3. Re: Auburn Football Players Accused of Harassing Veteran and Service Dog

    In other news...
  4. Re: Tyren Jones Suspended for Conduct Not to the Standard of the Program

    Folks kill each other every year for a pair of his shoes. SMH.
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    Re: UA athletic Dept Posts $33m Profit

    I think a lot of the credit should go to the student athletes at the University.
  6. Re: Interesting passage from The Last Coach by Allen Bara

    Coach Bryant admitted that he'd allowed the program to slip at the end. I don't think Coach Saban will go out like that.
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    Re: 2016 Prospects IMO

    Any truth to the rumor that we've offered #78 at the 6:15 mark 3 scholarships?
  8. Link: Re: DJ Fluker Essay on Recruiting in "The Players Tribune": Marry Your School

    Heart + Talent + Hard Work = D.J. Fluker
  9. Re: DE / LB CeCe Jefferson Commits to Florida

    So can schools still actively recruit this guy?
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    Re: 2016 Recruiting Thread

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    Re: 2016 Recruiting Thread

    I read that Calvin Ridley's younger brother, who's also a receiver, is in this cycle and I think we've offered.
  12. Re: Which of our latest recruits will play the most as freshmen?

    I think both of the early enrollees at safety will probably get a hard look.

    My dark horse in this class, if there is one, is Anfernee Jennings.
  13. Re: DE Byron Cowart Commits to Auburn, But Has Not Yet Signed LOI

    I read the article. Coaches have been known to lie. I'm not saying that's the case, just that I hope it's not.
  14. Re: DE Byron Cowart Commits to Auburn, But Has Not Yet Signed LOI

    Cowart seems to be set on AU. It's a shame if his high school coach is the one causing this circus.
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    Re: The Final Push: Where We Stand 2/2

    Regardless of what happens tomorrow, I will find it difficult to be disappointed with this class. The way I see it, there are 100+ fan bases that would swap their class for ours right now.
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