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  1. News Article: Re: Jameis Winston Civil Suit - Chickens Come Home

    Could the current state of how the NFL handles violence against women, keep Winston from even getting drafted? Aren't current players suspended on accusation until investigated? What would that...
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    Re: New Star Wars teaser

    opening scene is A W E S O M E
  3. Re: Gameday Tents, Quad tailgate spots, major price increase

    Supply and Demand. If folks drop off and not as many people pony up the money, then the price will come back down. If the number of spots continue to increase, the price will keep going up. Can't...
  4. Re: Is your kid sick? (or you know of viruses going around?)

    I've had a few people I know get something like this. Said it is violent. If anyone gets near me saying they feel sick to their stomach and asking if they can leave I get sort of rude and run them...
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    Re: Is Hillary A Lock?

    I thought the same thing about Obama the 2nd time around. Stupid is as stupid does.
  6. Link: States enact their own sanctions on Iran

    What think ye? Seems to me States are showing distrust in the Feds.
  7. Re: In Puerto Rico: Poor English skills = Social Security disability

    By the way, the person that showed me this is Puerto Rican. Started speaking Spanish and saying he wanted his. We laughed. He's the same one who told me about getting 10% extra on your military...
  8. In Puerto Rico: Poor English skills = Social Security disability
  9. Re: Fort Hood shooting victim denied benefits, despite Purple Heart decision

    Or for that matter people who can't "stand at attention". Seriously, I have a coworker that was a contractor in Iraq. He said it was common knowledge that you put down that you had gotten ED when...
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    Re: Woodlawn Movie

    Tony Nathan is played by Caleb Castille. Yes, THAT Caleb Castille.
  11. Harrison is a Sophomore if I'm not mistaken. ...

    Harrison is a Sophomore if I'm not mistaken. There are a few Sophomores on the roster.
  12. Link: Re: Sophomore Da'Shawn Hand 'Coming Along,' Prepping to Play Bigger Role

    Jesse Williams approves
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    Re: The largest employer in each state

    OK...that's a tad scary. WalMart is tops in way too many states.
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    Re: Trouble In West Georgia?

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    Re: Hillary's E-Mail Problem

    and to toot my own horn...seems someone is now showing evidence that the server was/is not properly secured. ...
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