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  1. Link: Re: How the 'Pop Pass' has Changed Alabama's Defense Since Dominant 2011 Season

    Actually even an eligible receiver cannot be blocking downfield before a forward downfield pass is thrown. Here are two examples of penalties straight from the 2013/2014 NCAA rule book.

  2. Re: Tell me what year Bama had a better starting three receivers?

    David Palmer, Prince Wimbley, Kevin Lee. Numbers were deceiving due to run first offense, but that was an impressive trio in 1992. And Curtis Brown was the 4th wideout.

    I've heard rumors that...
  3. Re: The 2006 Head Coach Search According to Mal Moore

    Great time line, thanks for post.
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    Link: Re: Tuscaloosa News: Kenny Stabler Passes Away

    After 1992 Sugar Bowl we were in a bar in NO celebrating when my brother stumbled (he was drunk and a bad dancer) and fell into some other guy on the dance floor. It was Kenny Stabler dancing with a...
  5. Re: College football conference title game restrictions to be relaxed by 2016

    I get your point, only this was a very silly rule that should've been done away with years ago. The 12-team limit was put in place to keep major conferences from particating, the thinking of the...
  6. Re: Illegal man downfield rule getting some resistance from some coaches.

    1. Change the rule from 3-yards downfield to Less than 3-yards down field.
    2. Make the rule with above change a point of emphasis for refs this season.
    3. Make this a reviewable play, even if a...
  7. Re: Illegal man downfield rule getting some resistance from some coaches.

    Do you believe this comment to be sincere coming from one of the premier blatant violators of this rule in college football?

    I say they call these guy's bluffs. Have refs strictly enforce the rule...
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    Re: Athlon Early ACC picks

    clemson has had a nice 4-year run, but it is not their best 4-year stretch in school history. They won 79.2% of their games in past 4 years. They've bested this multiple times, including 81-84...
  9. Re: Who Do You Think is The Most Overpaid Coach in CFB?

    Bob Stoops is the new Mack Brown.
  10. Link: Re: Analysis: Alabama OC Lane Kiffin's Best and Worst Play Calls of 2014

    I thought his worst was when Bama had the lead and the ball near midfield in the 4th against Ole Miss something like 2nd and 3 and Kiffin called back-to-back passing plays. A first down there all...
  11. Re: So the 4 team playoff didn't even make it 1 year without controversy, how long ti

    So 6 teams is fine, but 8 teams completely discounts the regular season?

    By having a playoff they are already taking teams supposedly inferior to the top 2 teams, but the point of a playoff is...
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    Re: The rest of the SEC's bowl games

    Miami vs USC is an odd selection for Shreveport. One school has good traveling fans but is nearly 12-hours away, and the other school is 16-hours away with terrible traveling fans. If USC sends...
  13. Re: So the 4 team playoff didn't even make it 1 year without controversy, how long ti

    Just about every other team sport at just about all levels have playoffs that include more than 4 teams, even within the ncaa and within ncaa football, and it seems to work very well across the...
  14. Link: Re: Barn has offered Muschamp (update, CWM allegedly going to USCe)

    It's as credible a method as any of the other rumors floating around.
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    Game Thread Re: UCF v. E. Carolina

    from the poor time management to the poof field position management to the poor judgment on the last play, that was about as bad a final 2-minutes of football a team can put forth with a 4-point...
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