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  1. Re: The good, the bad and the ugly... LSU style:

    The Good: won against a good team in a tough place to play

    The Bad: Bama O for 3 quarters

    The Ugly: LSU offensive totals, Kiffin's tie
  2. Re: I think we are seeing the end of an era (or at least the initial stages of it) >H

    I think that it is part of the continuous cycle of trends or eras of football. Single-wing begat T formation begat Wishbone begat flexbone, etc. If you look at spread option teams, they are using...
  3. Re: Ole Miss Post-Game: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    The Good: handled adversity, showed character, scored points
    The Bad: seen the officials way too much during the game
    The Ugly: Columbia blue and red
  4. Link: Re: Hmm... Discussions about eliminating kickoffs...

    I am in favor of eliminating all special teams play. I have no rationale for this other than personal preference. It is not a safety issue for me.
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    Question: Re: Who's your MVP?

    This question doesn't even seem fair. Big time players make big time plays in big time games. We have a lot of big time players.
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    Re: Thank you, Coach Kiffin

    I will agree. Coach Kiffin did a phenominal job, especially from the SEC Championship on. The "fox" call on the quick screen that found O.J. wide open was nice. The swing/chute to O.J. that ended...
  7. Link: Re: Nick Saban might be the greatest college coach of all-time.

    First of all, nice graphic I appreciate that. It is hard to make a call on this one. Two things seem to jump out at me. First, Coach Bryant had 6 NC's in 25 years while Saban has coached his way...
  8. Re: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Cotton Bowl style...

    The Good: Rush Defense, shut out, redemption against Big 10, Jake made plays, Cyrus, OL/DL play
    The Bad: The amount of camera time the zebras got; too many flags
    The Ugly: I actually thought Kirk...
  9. Re: More ashamed of the media than ever ... regarding Derrick Henry

    players gonna play, play, play... haters gonna hate, hate, hate... In the words of the great philosopher Taylor Swift.
  10. Re: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly SECCG...

    The Good: 25th SEC Championship, Henry being Henry and breaking a record, Defense, Receiving Corp

    The Bad: Verne and Gary, McElwain on the other sideline, spotty O Line play

    The Ugly: Gator...
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    Game Thread: Re: Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. AU...

    The initial outburst that drew the flag didn't surprise me. However, when coaches had to restrain him after Griffith's FG, that was a line I hadn't seen someone cross in a while. I would say Mr....
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    Re: Slick field - one of their trick plays?

    I must admit the thought of intentional field conditions crossed my mind. Where I'm from it is not uncommon for high schools to manipulate field conditions to suit their needs... One even had the...
  13. Re: Good, bad, and ugly: Bama vs barn edition

    Good: Adam Griffith, D. Henry, solid QB play
    Bad: Bama in empty set, Muschamp's vocab/sportsmanship
    Ugly: All that tacky orange
  14. Re: Good, bad, and ugly: Bama vs Miss st edition

    Good: Henry another 200+ yard performance
    Bad: Drake with another injury (hate it for him), had to mute Vern and Gary again
    Ugly: first offensive series (3 passes and out)
  15. Re: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly LSwho styile...

    The Good: O Line play, Defense, Adam Griffith

    The Bad: Verne & Gary

    The Ugly: deciphering a Lester Miles interview.
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