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    Re: Favorite players from your childhood

    Nobody could paint such a verbal picture as John Forney...He and Doug Layton will always be the masters, growing up listening to them was something that I still relish...Eli & Phil are absolutely top...
  2. Re: Study concludes shuttered football program at UAB made money

    What is the old saying about the 3 types of lies? Lies, Damn Lies, & Statistics
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    Favorite players from your childhood

    I know that we all have our favorite players that have played at the Capstone, some current, and some in our formative years...I thought it would be cool to see 2 or 3 of our favorites from your...
  4. Re: Let's Enjoy It, TideFans! A Plea for a more Positive Attitude!

    I recall Gameplan magazine...and the formulas...they were pretty thorough in their predictions, not as many photos as Street & Smith, and not the color photos as Athlon, or later Lindy's, but I...
  5. Re: Let's Enjoy It, TideFans! A Plea for a more Positive Attitude!

    I was talking to my wife yesterday about those...It was almost like a countdown to see when they showed up at the was exciting...I miss those days...and I still have a bunch of those to...
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    Re: 2015 Spring Practice Thread

    I thought that Gary Hollingsworth, David Smith, & Brandon Avalos were just as hyped weren't they?;)
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    Re: Nice read about the D...

    Hoping to see the defense dominate again...its been sorely missed
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    Re: Woodlawn Movie

    I'll definitely be seeing this one. Can't wait to see it. AND...I'm very glad that my 500th post was regarding this fine movie. (it took 12 years to get to 500 posts...hopefully it won't take 12...
  9. Re: Tyren Jones Charged with Marijuana Possession

    Sad...but true
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    Re: 2015 Spring Practice Thread

    While I know that its gonna take time to learn the offense, I'm excited that Barnett is looking good early on...optimistic about his future.
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    Re: I'm sick of ESPN's biased opinions

    What he said ^^^^
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    Re: And now Jonathan Taylor....again

    It is sad, but unfortunately there are more than enough media types and "social commentators" who never let an opportunity pass to do just that, to pile on...and yes hopefully the young lady is OK,...
  13. Re: Alabama reloading for run at National Championship in 2015

    I agree, in 2011 after Julio was gone, our receiving corps really stepped up, Kevin Norwood, coming to mind, shining at opportune times. I hope that is the case this year too. And October can be...
  14. Re: Hard to believe we're about to enter Coach Saban's ninth year. When he first cam

    I really appreciate the thread and agree wholeheartedly. I was born in 1962, so when Coach Bryant retired & passed away I was in college. I have watched, like everyone else, Bama's fortunes rise and...
  15. Re: Colts Waive Trent Richardson/ Signs with Raiders

    I never have been a Raiders fan, but I'll be cheering for Trent...hopefully he'll get his career back on track...and hopefully he'll have a better O-line to run behind than the Raiders have displayed...
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