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  1. Re: Shannon Sharpe Praises Coach Saban In Debate With Skip Bayless

    Every time USC has had an opening for HC since CNS was hired in 2007, my dad has always asked me, "Is Saban available?" Shannon Sharpe's statement is more than 100% truth.
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    Re: 2016 Presidential Debates

    Deviated septum.
  3. JessN: Re: Texas A&M preview: Bama will see a familiar face in battle for SEC West

    The "stats" and info tell me that Alabama should win big. But, this is the eighth game for Alabama before the bye week, and that has meant that Alabama struggles quite a bit against the opponent. I'm...
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    2016 Election - Trump: Re: Can Trump Really Win the Presidency?

    Nevermind that at the time, the railroad construction was pretty expensive as well. We certainly can build up both borders, especially if other countries are allowed to do the same to their borders.
  5. Re: What is your favorite win vs Tennessee?

    The two that stick out for me are 2007 (started the game off with an onside kick that I'm not sure most of the stadium realized had happened) and Rocky Block 2009. My wife (girlfriend at the time)...
  6. Re: Voter Turnout - Will this be the determining factor?

    I've heard that the African-American voter registration numbers are significantly down compared to 2008 and 2012, and this has some Democrats worried about HRC's chances in November. Just something I...
  7. Re: The World Just Hit This Disturbing Climate Change Metric

    I concur with Selma. Has and does the climate change over hundreds of thousands of years? Absolutely. When the Romans were in present-day London, it was warm enough to grow grapes and produce wine in...
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    Re: ESPN Oregonizes Iconic Uniforms

    All of those uniforms from all of the schools are hideous.
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    Re: Caption this Picture of Jalen

    Please, don't...

    (tackle me)
  10. Link: Re: vandy wants a new stadium to not sell-out

    Stanford demolished their old stadium and built a newer and smaller one on top of it. They still don't sell it out, but it's a pretty novel idea. I think Vanderbilt needs to do the same thing.
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    Re: Empty Seats (Again)

    I think part of the sections that the OP mentioned are student seating in the upper deck. Even with big games in beautiful weather, it's always been hard to get the students to sit up there.
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    Question: Re: How Impressed Are You With The RBs???

    The times o-line protection has broken down, or there are too many to block, they've done a solid job picking up the blitzes to give moer time for Hurts/Barnett to pass. I've been impressed by that....
  13. Re: 5,300 Wells Fargo employees fired for creating over 2 million phony accounts

    State Farm is doing the same thing...
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    Re: 2016 Season QB Thread

    I actually agree with the sentiment. Even in his first year as a starter, he wasn't much of a liability in what he was asked to do.
  15. Re: 30+ Charleston Southern players suspended for FSU game

    Having been a former student-athlete, no one ever tells those with book money that it is only spent on books. It was assumed that if it was spent on books and related school supplies, you were good.
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