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  1. Re: CFB Live-"Alabama is the most overrated team in the country."

    USC east looked like the most overrated team to me.
  2. Re: Tony Stewart hits, kills driver in sprint car race

    This is like getting road rage and jumping out of your car on I65 and being surprised a semi plowed you over. The guy used bad judgement and paid for it. If he would have stayed in his car he would...
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    I think the issue is more of Auburn / Alabama...

    I think the issue is more of Auburn / Alabama culture. It has been said on this board a million times and I'll say it again, Auburn works 365 to beat Alabama. They are obsessed with the Tide. Alabama...
  4. Link: Re: Big Mouth Spurrier carries it a bit further...

    Mark Richt is going to buy Saban dinner for deflecting Spurrier's rath off Georgia this off season.
  5. Re: Books That Will Never Be Written

    How I kept Florida on top of the SEC. -Co Authored Steve Spurrier & Urban Myer
  6. Considering it is televised on the Longhorn...

    Considering it is televised on the Longhorn network I believe it would get out quickly.
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    Just a repackaged Notre Dame box or wishbone....

    Just a repackaged Notre Dame box or wishbone. Walter Welborn ran this for years with much success.

    Like an earlier poster said, have someone take the qb every play and hit him hard.
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    Re: If we were in 2014 - consider the match ups

    If we truely are the best team we have to stop losing to inferior opponents and win the SEC. That would end all this crying over getting left out.
  9. Re: "Missouri's the best team we will have played all year."-Jay Jacobs (Auburn AD)

    Auburn has the big head now. Mizzu is getting no respect. This may just be a mizzu beatdown. One can only hope…
  10. Re: Alabama and Auburn common opponents brief score comparison

    It also does not take into account that we milk clock once we get a nice lead and at least two of those wins were blowouts by the 2nd quarter.
  11. Re: Mark Richt Admits Staff Never Told Players To Knock Ball Into Ground

    Ironically they did make the highlight reel.
  12. Thread: The UGA Flub?

    by venegoni

    Re: The UGA Flub?

    The Norwood catch last night was a great play by a talented receiver. Speaking of booger eaters, anyone notice how Malzahn works his nose on the sideline. My wife brings this up every game we watch.
  13. Question: Re: Who Wins Between the Abrens and the Neutered Dawgs of Athens?

    Nick Marshall runs for 500 and passes for 500 in his Hiesman winning performance. Barn 68. UGA 2
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    Question: Re: LSU Game: Specific Halftime Adjustments?

    B1G hit the nail on the head. We just "loosened up" and executed our game plan which was to be more physical than LSU at the line and also jam their wideouts in man coverage.
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    Re: Pick the score: LSU vs. Alabama

    If TJ & Drake hold onto the ball this will be over in the 3rd quarter. 38-10.
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