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    Re: UAB New Uni's

    Bill Clark was a very successful high school coach at Prattville. Was the DC for 5 years at USA with Joey Jones. Had a very successful one year stint at his alma mater - Jack St.

    Yea, this was a...
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    Re: UAB New Uni's

    I don't know - Brown did a good job getting it off the ground but this last joker stunk it up big time. I am no UAB football fan but I like their new coach. I wouldn't pronounce them dead just...
  3. Game Thread Re: USA vs. Portugal...

    I was born in Birmingham in 1966. There were no soccer opportunities for me as a kid. I played all the sports in their season - baseball, football, basketball. I got to know soccer overseas living...
  4. Re: **2015 DE/SAM Christian Bell commits to Alabama**

    Roll Tide Christian Bell!!!
  5. Re: Christian Bell commits to Alabama

    Awesome, Go Bucs...representin'!
  6. Link: Re: Former LSU O-lineman T-Bob Hebert sets record straight about 2012 BCS Championshi

    Yep, our last game in fact.
  7. Re: Georgia Tech spring game reportedly attracts 117 fans

    Yep, that was me too. I'm quite surprised that PJ hasn't done better at Tech actually.
  8. Re: ***WR/S Shawn Burgess Becker commits to Bama***

    Roll Tide Shawn Burgess!!! Looking forward to seeing you in Crimson soon!
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    Re: *** ILB Leo Lewis commits to Alabama***

    Roll Tide Roll Mr. Lewis! Welcome to the Capstone!
  10. Re: *** CB Minkah Fitzpatrick commits to Bama***

    Roll Tide Minkah Fitzpatrick!!!
  11. Re: ***WR Calvin Ridley commits to Alabama***

    Awesome...welcome Calvin Ridley!
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    Re: A-Day Game Good, Bad, and Ugly

    Nice...pretty much sums up the thread for me.
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    News Article: Re: Luke Del Rio Opens Up About His Transfer

    I question the motivation of anyone with resources like the Del Rio's making an issue of getting a scholarship as reason for leaving a program.
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    Re: Altee TenPenny in trouble with the law

    Yep, we need to shut up :D
  15. News Article: Re: Blake Sims Spends Spring Break with QB Coach Ken Mastrole

    nice post :biga:
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