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    Re: Phil Steele's Top 40

    I say Alabama is still the hunted. Alabama is the benchmark, especially in the SEC. Every team in the SEC is gunning for Bama and will give their best effort when they play us. That's just the way it...
  2. Re: The attrition at running back continues: Desherrius Flowers is ineligible this fa

    Do we have anyone on the roster now that could make a switch to RB just to put a body there?
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    Link: Re: Interesting take on Bama QBs from SDS...

    I think Barnett is the QB of the future in Tuscaloosa or sure but he's pretty much a 6 ft. 5 in. bean pole right now. I think a year in the program and getting more strength and muscle on him will...
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    Question: Re: Braxton Miller to UA?

    This thread is just plain ridiculous!
  5. Re: 150 years ago today, Lee's surrender at Appomattox

    History channel just started a series called "Blood and Glory, The Civil War In Color." I watched the first two hour episode I think Tuesday. Anyway, it was real good. It was about the lead up to the...
  6. Re: Link to the Coach Avery Johnson Press Conference 11 am Central

    Man, Coach Johnson just blew me away! I'm all in!
  7. Re: If you could only go to two home games this year, which would you pick?

    Arkansas and LSU
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    Re: The Walking Dead

    You guys know the voice on the radio was Andrew Lincoln right? Hence the British accent.
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    Re: Joe Namath a Football Life

    I think in Namath's early years pre knee surgery he was a true dual threat QB. He would fit right in with today's college football. What a player!
  10. News Article: Re: ISIS Calls Jordan's Bluff and Up Their Barbarism

    The unedited complete video is on If you choose to you can see it for yourself. I watched the whole thing. Most of the video is propaganda and then you get to the murder and it's very...
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    Re: David Cornwell & Blake Barnett

    I think we have some really good quarterbacks on our roster. Spring and Fall camp will be very interesting to see who emerges as the front runner for the starting spot.
  12. Re: ***ALABAMA LOI's Received Thread*** (communicate here on NSD)

    I think when you start the season with a lame duck coach and the season goes down hill and all the recruits know Hoke won't be there, you get a disastrous recruiting year. Much like what happened at...
  13. Re: Congratulations to Dont'a Hightower - Super Bowl Champion!!!

    Congrats to Dont'a! Two out of the last 3 years we've had ex Bama guys winning SB rings early in their careers. Ravens winning a couple of years ago was one for Upshaw and Cody and now one for Dont'a.
  14. Re: Dee Liner Tweets "Officially Released from the UofA"

    Yeah Liner never was able to get on the field much at all and as a rising junior he had too many guys in front of him. The competition on our DL is fierce. I wish him luck and hope the transfer works...
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    Re: Joe Namath a Football Life

    I had one of those type knee surgeries in the 70's. And yes I had a long leg cast from the top of my thigh to my toes for 6 weeks. Amazing what they used to do medically back then versus now.
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