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    Re: Chains Must Go!!!

    It's wouldn't understand.
  2. Black man arrested for posting racist signs outside of black churches

    I wonder how much more of this is going on?
  3. Re: 2016 DT Quinnen Williams (Wenonah, AL HS) Updates

    Hard work on the field and in the classroom and buying into the system will transform him into an NFL player if he wants that. Demeco Ryans comes to mind. He's done ok... ;)
  4. Re: Alabama Governor Orders Confederate Flag Removed

    So will Alabama remove "Heart of Dixie" from it's license plates next? I mean, after all, the word "Dixie" infers racism.
  5. Re: Straight Talk from Christie (Announces Candidacy Today)

    A short bus at that.
  6. Re: Greece Embraces "Radical Leftist" Party

    I rehashed the thread due the banking issues in Greece, so I don't know if I should be the one to accept or not...but because it is TW, I'll accept. ;)
  7. Re: Puerto Rico can't pay back $70 billion in debt

    Puerto Rico now belongs to Wall Street.
  8. Re: Puerto Rico can't pay back $70 billion in debt

    LOL! Well, NYC anyway.
  9. Re: Greece Embraces "Radical Leftist" Party

    Yep, that was the plan. I'll make sure I don't stray off course though. Thanks for the tip.
  10. Re: Greece Embraces "Radical Leftist" Party

    No, I wasn't kidding. I was going to treat myself to a 50th b'day present and travel to Egypt and parts of Europe for 3 weeks going to various WW2 sites. I may bump up the timing based on the...
  11. Puerto Rico can't pay back $70 billion in debt

    I think we...
  12. Re: Greece Embraces "Radical Leftist" Party

    Besides, everyone knows the French gave us democracy, existentialism, and the ménage a trois. ;)
  13. Re: Would you vote to legalize Polygamy? If not, why not?

    The government has already done it's part to diminish the role of the father thanks to public assistance and the strings attached to that. I would think to a certain degree, polygamy may actually...
  14. Re: Greece Embraces "Radical Leftist" Party

    LOL! Funny you say that, I was planning a trip to Europe/Egypt to tour some WW2 sites for my 50th. Maybe I'll go for my 49th instead.
  15. Australia joins Chinese led Asia Infrastructure Investment Banks

    Is this a pre-cursor to them maybe bolting for BRICS?
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