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    Re: Predict our friends at LSU 2015

    Look at their schedule - weren't they ones complaining about us not playing anyone out of conference a couple of years ago?
    Even the article from CFN, doesn't address it properly - says their...
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    Re: Welcome to Alabama, Coach Avery Johnson!

    Lets see who he recruits -
  3. Re: Alabama and Florida State The Likely 2017 Opener At New Falcons Stadium

    2015 Bama vs Wisconsin
    2016 Bama vs USC (still on??)
    2017 Bama vs FSU

    What a way to start a season!!
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    Re: First Trip to Tiger Stadium

    I envy you - I wish I could go as well, but business does not allow it this year. I've been twice and had just a phenomenal time. The tail gating is the best I've ever seen - the people are...
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    Re: Sagarin Pole??

    Oh, and I just checked - the Dallas Cowboys are ranked 15th - with a 5 win 1 loss team.
    KC Chiefs with a 2-3 record and NO Saints with a 2-3 record are both ranked above them -

    NO - 30th most...
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    Sagarin Poll??

    Who the heck is this Sagarin guy? I know he is some super smart MIT type guy, but do his formulas even make any sense at all?

    We are ranked 6th - ok, fine, I think a bit high, but ok, I can live...
  7. Re: October 18 (TAMU @ Alabama) Game Times Announced

    Ah, I was hoping for a night game -
    Party at my house - and I was hoping to have time to smoke a pork butt / I guess I'll have to just have Baby Backs instead.
    30 people - 5 or 6 slabs??
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    Re: Pick the score: Ole Miss vs. Alabama

    Let's see - Ole Miss has beaten 4 "nobodys" - Boise State, Vandy, ULaLa, Memphis. We've beaten 2 "fair" teams in W VA and FLA and 2 "nobodys".

    I'm thinking good offensive game for us - ...
  9. Re: NFL Cuts from Yesterday -- Former Bama Players -- The Ones I could Find

    Dallas Cowboys need players - send them our way!!
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    Re: ESPN pick em contest?

    I never saw our Pick 'Em last year - last time I saw it, I think was 2012 - and I came so close to winning!! AH, 1 or 2 more games and I would have had it!!
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    Re: Preseason USAToday Coaches' Poll Released

    I have no problem with FSU, 'Bama and Oregon in the top 4 - but Oklahoma? If I had to pick the final 4 for the playoff this year, I would definitely not have them included. It wouldbe those 3 plus...
  12. Re: USC & Alabama will play Sept. 3, 2016 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas

    Party at my house!!!!
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    Re: So this Johnny Manziel photo...

    People may jump on me for what I'm about to say - but, I'll say it anyhow.
    I wonder what the discipline was like in his home growing up?
    I wonder if he ever got a spanking for mis-behaving? ...
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    Link: Re: Rivals100: Cowart takes over at No. 1

    Amazing to me - no actual football games in 6 months, but these guys go to "camps" and now they are 5 Stars?? Or they are dropped from 5 to 4 Stars??

    Josh Sweat goes from 68 to 11??
    Ricky Town...
  15. Re: Talk of Gama Against USC in Dallas as Alabama's Neutral Site Game in 2016

    Living in the Dallas area, I might have to just fork out the bucks to go see this one.
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