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  1. Re: PFF announces it's Pro Bowl selections..4 former Tide players make the list

    Even though some didn't make it,it's good to know a lot of our players have still become very productive in this league.And hopefully now the media will stop with the Alabama players are largely...
  2. Re: PFF announces it's Pro Bowl selections..4 former Tide players make the list

    Official pro bowl rosters

    Julio,Dareus and Cj made it
  3. Re: 4 former Tide players make the NFL Pro Bowl

    I thought it was official.Sorry for the mistake.I'll change the title.
  4. PFF announces it's Pro Bowl selections..4 former Tide players make the list



    Starters: Aaron Rodgers (GB) and Drew Brees (NO)Reserves: Tom Brady...
  5. Link: Re: Barn has offered Muschamp (update, CWM To be named DC Coach)

    Let the overreactions begin..
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    Re: 2014 College Football Awards Thread

    I knew he wouldn't win as a freshman.Still a great thing to be nominated though.
  7. Re: Oregon State hires Gary Anderson from Wisconsin

    The kick off game next year is going to be awful.
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    Re: CFP Selection Show watch thread

    I feel really good about this game against Ohio St.I haven't said that about any big games this year.
  9. Link: Re: Barn has offered Muschamp

    If i was him i would take a head coaching job at a smaller school similar to McElwain to build his reputation back up.Going back to be a DC somewhere just seems like a backwards career move imo.
  10. Poll: Re: If Coach Mac is hired by Florida, are you going to root for them more?

    I probably will until they become a real threat.
  11. Re: College Football Playoff Rankings - Dec 2, 2014

    These Big 12 teams are fools gold to me.I hope none of them get in.
  12. Re: Gus Malzahn Will Own Nick Saban - according to Cowherd

    About 2 hours into the show he took 2 seconds during his little where Colin right and wrong segment and mentioned it.But he didn't eat crow or own up to it.He harped on how many yards we gave up of...
  13. Re: Trent's slow start is starting to get noticed. I hope he settles in and get its g

    It's the hair.He needs to cut it and be reborn.
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    Re: Confession Time!

    Add me to the list.When we went down more than a touchdown i thought we were done.
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    Re: ****Bama vs. AU - Post Game Thread****
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