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  1. Re: NFL Cuts from Yesterday -- Former Bama Players -- The Ones I could Find

    Dallas Cowboys need players - send them our way!!
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    Re: ESPN pick em contest?

    I never saw our Pick 'Em last year - last time I saw it, I think was 2012 - and I came so close to winning!! AH, 1 or 2 more games and I would have had it!!
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    Re: Preseason USAToday Coaches' Poll Released

    I have no problem with FSU, 'Bama and Oregon in the top 4 - but Oklahoma? If I had to pick the final 4 for the playoff this year, I would definitely not have them included. It wouldbe those 3 plus...
  4. Re: USC & Alabama will play Sept. 3, 2016 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas

    Party at my house!!!!
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    Re: So this Johnny Manziel photo...

    People may jump on me for what I'm about to say - but, I'll say it anyhow.
    I wonder what the discipline was like in his home growing up?
    I wonder if he ever got a spanking for mis-behaving? ...
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    Link: Re: Rivals100: Cowart takes over at No. 1

    Amazing to me - no actual football games in 6 months, but these guys go to "camps" and now they are 5 Stars?? Or they are dropped from 5 to 4 Stars??

    Josh Sweat goes from 68 to 11??
    Ricky Town...
  7. Re: Talk of Gama Against USC in Dallas as Alabama's Neutral Site Game in 2016

    Living in the Dallas area, I might have to just fork out the bucks to go see this one.
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    Re: 3* QB David Sills Update

    Ok, maybe I'm missing something - but when did we start recruiting 3 Star quarterbacks?
    We are 'Bama - my expectations are a bit higher.

    The 24th best pro QB prospect might be a nice player -...
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    Re: Norwood Runs 4.39-40 At Combine

    I never remember Norwood being that fast. But, I do remember - if you need a first down catch, he's the guy to throw it to.
  10. Re: If Auburn Fans won't shop at Rashaan Evans' Family Store, Bama Fans will!

    Animal House is the first thing I thought of, when I read that - PRICELESS!!
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    Re: Saban Coaching Error in game against Auburn

    I am not the head coach of a major college football program. I have never played college football. I sell software - so I'm not qualified to tell Saban what he may have done wrong. I watch...
  12. Re: Your 'All Saban" team - Scenario based 'Just for fun' thread.

    I'll take the 2011 defense against any team - and we will win that one - no one gets 5 yards on 4th down to beat us.
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    Question: Re: Where are Best Places To Eat in Tuscaloosa?

    I did not like Dreamland - I prefer pork ribs and they have beef.

    I loved Epiphany Cafe - food was incredible and service is great. They actually talk to you in there, and are so appreciative...
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    Re: The best RECRUITING class ever?

    Can you see how this class could end up??
    #1 Hand DE
    #3 Robinson OL
    #5 Humphrey DB
    #6 Fournette RB

    That's sick!!

    Roll Tide!!
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    Re: Prediction On The Season?

    I agree - Coach Grant has had time to get his guys in place and if we don't do something impressive, such as 1-2 wins in the tourney - I think we should look elsewhere. We are tops in so many...
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