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    Link: Re: Touching photo for today...

    Good picture, that is a big bird.:)
  2. Re: Black man arrested for posting racist signs outside of black churches

    Yes I agree with this. It is a hate crime no matter what other reasons he is doing it for.
  3. Re: Alabama Governor Orders Confederate Flag Removed

    I can understand why blacks have a problem with the confederate flag. What I can't understand why some are talking about tearing down all confederate monuments. This sounds like Isis if you don't...
  4. News Article: Re: Abortion caused California drought, according to Golden State assemblywoman

    There should be some kind of test that people in government need to take to make sure that idiots like this stay out of washington.
  5. Re: Limestone County Teen Takes Chickens Hostage, Kills Six Hens

    So he choked them to death.:)
  6. Re: 150 blacks killed by blacks so far in Chicago this year, nothing from the Preside

    The worse enemy of this nation is not another government but our on.
  7. Link: Re: American public education a Prussian hand-me-down?

    I remove my youngest son from public school when He was going to the fifth grade and put him in private school. He was so far behind that it took him half the year to catch up. Best move we have made...
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    Re: Christopher Lee, RIP

    Great one RIP Mr Lee.
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    Re: LB Riley Cole commits to Alabama

    Well Coach Saban offered him so his star value should go up from here.:)
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    Re: Off-season news...

    Just read the rumors and just have to say if true how can anybody do something like this to someone they are married to. Prayers for the Children.
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    Re: The Duggar story

    I don't call being attracted to immature humans an illness but a perversion.
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    Re: Female viagra nearing approval

    Lol good one.:biggrin:
  13. Re: Why our country is screwed - Disney imports Indians to replace US workers

    I remember talking to a guy that was from Taiwan in the early eighties and this post made me remember that conversation. He mention that people in America work to have the finer things like nice...
  14. Re: GOP Clown Car: Rick Perry, COME ON DOWN!!!

    I have to admit it will be interesting who is picked for the republican to run. With a field so populated how can anyone even guess. Just like who would have guessed that obuma would have won in 2008.
  15. Re: Mark May Out On ESPN College Gameday Final

    I have to agree with everyone on this board. Can't watch because of the two but also just wondering does the rest of the Country but the SEC hate Mark May?
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