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  1. Thread: Mobile app

    by jps1983

    Re: Mobile app

    Is that an app for on-the-go, or an app for people located in Mobile? :)
  2. Re: TX father accused of killing drunk driver after drunk driver killed his kids

    If the jury had one plausible reasonable doubt, they were going "not guilty," especially in Brazoria County. Very right-wing area. I bet if polled, half the jury would say they'd shoot the person...
  3. Re: Fraud at the CDC uncovered, 340% increased risk of autism hidden from public

    There's also other factors that may be at play. Did each parental set have the same medical history/ prenatal treatment/ C-Section or natural birth/ etc. I'm not a scientist or anything close to it,...
  4. Re: West Virginia Game Week Press Conferences and Practice Updates

    Couldn't it just be that Blake has more experience with the system and Coker had a lot of pressure thrown on him (by outside media) that he's struggling to adjust?

    I just don't see a grand...
  5. Re: West Virginia Game Week Press Conferences and Practice Updates

    I think that's just the way he does things. He even did it with CJ last year. After losing Vinnie to that last year, I am a bit concerned too, but at the same time, an injury can happen on any play.
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    Re: Phillip Ely Transferring to Toledo

    Hope he does well.
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    Re: Early Lines for Week 1 Games of Interest

    Barn wins and they cover -- Arky is horrid and the barn will score quickly 42-10

    We win, but we don't cover -- Much like VT without as many ST/Def TD's. we still win comfortably by 17-24

  8. Re: Who are you most looking forward to having a great year?

    For our team's success, I think our OL is the most important group/person to have a great year.

    For their contribution to the team, I'm hoping Blake Sims, Jarrick Williams, Arie K., Trey D. and...
  9. Re: Australian man attempts to take selfie in tornado

    The article suggest it is fake. I didn't watch the video since its publisher is known for pulling pranks.
  10. Re: ****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #2 - CB, Tony Brown****

    Considering the position of need, I could've seen Robinson at #1 as well. Just goes to show how awesome our '14 class is.
  11. Re: It's that time again. Pick The Score: West Virginia vs. Alabama


    We probably don't cover the line, but the outcome is never really in doubt.
  12. Re: Wyoming cop charged with animal cruelty after his police dog dies in car - 6 hour

    A lot of officers that are dog handlers view their canine counterparts as partners and even members of their family since they normally care for them at their home. No excuse can be made for this...
  13. Re: Chinese execute 8 involved in 2013 terrorist attack

    They're real big on human rights, don't ya know...
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    Re: Official Depth Chart Predictions

    Saban said Frazier got a lot of reps with Ivory out for a good bit of camp. I expect Frazier to play this year. We do need better play at the point of attack. We've all been spoiled by our previous...
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    Re: 4* OLB Joshua McMillon Announces Today

    Great pickup. Great size, really intelligent young man (4.0 GPA in AP classes), and good downhill pursuit.
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