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  1. Re: The "Let's Complain About the Stadium Experience" Thread

    I've sat in the west upper deck this year and had a terrible experience in regards to the music. The MDB is mic'ed just enough to irritate. You can barely hear the sound system, and there's a delay...
  2. Re: Some programs can't seem to handle success

    The less-succesful always seem to get cocky when they finally get a win or two. Then they get that bullseye on their backs from the rest of the teams on the schedule and can't stay focused enough to...
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    Re: Is Texas becoming a laughing stock?

    No, they're not BECOMING a laughing stock.
  4. Re: What's the best mix in wins and losses?

    I agree. For SOME of our fan base, Alabama really needs to go 0-12. People WHINE when the score is 10-0 Bama in the second quarter against SEC teams because they think we should be winning by more....
  5. Re: Who will be the biggest surprise in the ACC this year?

    Pretty much any team that makes it to the ACC Championship Game that's not FSU will surprise me. It'll all come down to not who can be the best, but manage to not lose as many as everyone else.
  6. Re: Which coach have you hated losing to the most?

    Bob Stoops and Les Miles. Used to be Tubberville. He had the dumbest of grins on his face every time they beat us.
  7. Re: Gus Malzahn says Auburn 'should have put 60' on Alabama in 2014

    I guess we should give the ODK Foy Sportsmanship Trophy back.
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    Re: My take on where the QB job is at...

    Any chance Saban knows who the QB will be, but isn't going to reveal that to keep Wisconsin from preparing for them?
  9. Re: I'm looking for four tickets to the UL-Monroe game.

    I think is selling smaller game tickets still. They come with $10 food vouchers as well.
  10. News Article: Re: Dak Prescott: MSU Just Needed One More Drive to Beat Alabama

    Yeah if they could have just scored more points they would've totally won........ I'm sure that's what they call losing and I think that's how it almost always works....
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    Re: CFN's preview of the barn...

    So I clicked on the 2008 preview tab for a good laugh, and interestingly enough, it stated that 08 was the year Auburn needed to beat Alabama because we were "one year away from being something...
  12. Re: MSU to Provide Financial Literacy Classes w/ COA

    MSU just passed every educational institute in the country in my book. Teaching relevant life skills instead just of how to pass the ACT, predict chemical equations, and dissect a goat? Go MSU!
  13. Re: How many games will we win in 2015? your picks...

    But for real, LSU will always scare me no matter how good or bad either of us is because they know how to get fired up against Bama. Same goes for Auburn, and Auburn is supposed to be really good...
  14. Re: How many games will we win in 2015? your picks...

    We gon' win all of em by fitee!
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    Re: Tammy calls PAWL

    I wonder what year she graduated from Auburn...since, you know, all Auburn fans went to Auburn.
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