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  1. News Article: Re: SIAP - Erica Kinsman Goes Public (Jameis Winston's Alleged Victim)

    It's even more difficult when the accused is a high profile college footballer with big money backing. Everything I have read about this incident and utterances attributed to said QB, I tend to...
  2. Re: Anybody else watching Trent Richardson's NFL career go down the drain?

    What little I saw of Trent this season it was obvious he was pressing too much. He exhibited little patience waiting for a hole to open up. I don't know what has messed his head up, but he needs...
  3. Re: A look back at the barn's (misguided) moment of joy

    Just no one give this guy a gun. He sounds like he'd be really dangerous -- to himself or others.
  4. Link: Re: Number of underclassmen in NFL draft dropped this year.

    It must be a hard decision to return to school with so many hangers-on telling a player how great they are and how an NFL paycheck will help these [hangers-on]. Have to admit I like Saban's approach...
  5. Re: K.J. Hill Decommits

    Now, Capt. Jack, you make me feel silly for not seeing that. Oh, well ..................
  6. Link: Re: Tarheels go "all in" and hire Chizik as defensive coordinator

    If they wanted to clean up their program, they might have looked elsewhere for a DC
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    Re: Mark Ingram makes 2015 Pro Bowl

    If they had played him as their featured back right from the beginning there would be no question about taking the 5th year option. They played him as a third down back which was their mistake. It...
  8. Re: Welcome to the Off Season: Ryan Anderson Arrested for Domestic Violence

    As a woman, I have strong views regarding any form of domestic violence. However, based on the charge, this could mean an intense argument, damage to property of another, or hands on another...
  9. Re: K.J. Hill Decommits

    I noticed he was tagged as K. J. Hill, Sr. Does this mean he has a young son? Not judging, just wondering.
  10. Re: K.J. Hill Decommits

    The merry dance of the recruiting season!
  11. Re: Paterno to get his 111 vacated wins restored

    It was inevitable. Penn State is in the Big 10/11/12 whatever. Ohio State with institutional wrongdoing by Tressel (telling NCAA that all was well with his program when he knew good and well about...
  12. Re: SIAP-Reggie is returning for his senior year!

    Really glad to hear this. Another year will do wonders for his draft stock next year if he continues to improve at the same rate. Good decision Reggie.
  13. Re: I didn't mind losing to Ohio State in the Sugar

    In the Sugar Bowl we lost to the better team on the night. How I dislike typing those words but it's the truth. In the NC game, the buckeyes just took Oregon to school. It was not a fair fight...
  14. Re: Appears Jarran Reed is Going Pro

    Good luck wishing that. He was going to be a 3 year player when he announced he was coming to the Tide. Just hope he doesn't end up with the Raiders.
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    Re: BOL: Lance Thompson Leaving to go to Auburn

    Have to say I was surprised he came back after he left to go to Rocky Flop. Now he's going to the Barn. I really hope we don't see him back in Tuscaloosa anytime in the future.
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