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  1. Re: ***Official Alabama LOI's Received Thread*** (will open NSD)
  2. Re: ***Official Alabama LOI's Received Thread*** (will open NSD)

    I did!!
    I can email it!!
  3. Re: Alabama Players that are/were physical specimens and your would trade bodies for

    Jesse Williams with tattoos and war paint!!
  4. Question: Re: Taking off Crimson Glasses tonight&reflecting back on our season! whats your thou

    We were a Terrence Cody, DJ Fluker and Eddie Lacey away from being unbeatable!!
  5. Re: 7 Year Old Cancer Patient Scores Touchdown In Nebraska Spring game

    Makes what I do seem small....
    Getting more tissue.
  6. Re: More issues at USC. Kiffin fires OC a day after signing day

    Crazy Al was right!
    He knew Lane as well as anyone....
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    Re: Thoughts on 2013's Defense.

    In 2008 our defense was a little off the championship level of play
    2009 the defense was lights out
    2010 the defense gave up some ground
    2011 the defense was the nations best
    2012 the defense was...
  8. Re: Views from Around the Country on the BCSNC Game

    Thanks for that! I enjoyed every line of it.
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    Re: 2013 LB Reuben Foster Flips, Commits to Auburn

    As Pat Dye opens another quart of Scotch.......
    I am waiting for his comments that Georgia is not "Man Enough" to beat the Tide.
    He does not care if recruits go to Georgia. They just can't defect...
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    Re: 1969 Alabama vs Ole Miss Shootout

    I was there! I watched Archie warm up before the game and I swear to this day the ball had a "hissing" sound when it came out of his hand. The guy catching his warmups was grimacing with each toss!...
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    Re: Bama players call a sick girl tonight

    This is way bigger than football by a long shot.
    I love the character this team has.
    Hope her surgery goes well!
  12. Re: Faster tempo offense question. Causing confusion?

    The Wishbone looked like it was unstoppable.
    The 9 man DL Notre Dame used with bump coverage stopped it.

    The Fun and Gun was useful at UF until defenses caught up with it.
    Spurrier does not run...
  13. Re: Oops ... did anyone hear the slip?

    Not nearly as bad as calling your girlfriend your ex's name for sure.
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    Re: I need to apologize

    I was preheating the oven for all the crow I was going to have to eat.
    THANKFULLY, it is back in the freezer for now!
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    News Article: Re: LSUfreek's latest

    Some funny stuff by the Freak!!


    Hitler's view
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