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    Re: New Position For Jeremy Johnson - Like 12th Man

    Its been funny last week and today. All the barners my wife works with, and those who don't follow football at all except for they are a $cam fan because of his skin color, crowed all week like...
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    Game Thread Re: Super Bowl L

    Miller is the MVP according to
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    Game Thread Re: Super Bowl L

    $cam acting like the spoiled brat that he is!
  4. Re: Vulture captured in Lebanon suspected of spying for Israelis

    are these people really that stupid?
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    News Article: Re: Cam Newton Sure Thinks A Lot Of Himself

    I see kids in sports today that my teenager and almost teenager go to school with. They have athletic abilities, and do whatever they want without fear of repercussion. And it only makes them act...
  6. Re: January 21-23 Recruiting Weekend Visitor List

    Did anybody else's have a National Championship celebration while hosting so much talent on official visits today? I mean, we don't need someone out-impressing these kids with what they could be...
  7. Bernie's people kick homeless out of warming station in sub freezing weather

    It's being discussed on the radio locally but I wonder if the national news will pick up on it. Apparently Bernie's folks kicked the homeless out of Boutwell, which is used as a warming station for...
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    Re: Saban's Statue Gets Updated

    Haven't they already had to shift the plaques on the Walk of Champions to accommodate and even them out?
  9. Re: Eddie Lacy now second best runningback on Packers team?

    It's a contract year for Eddie. He's got money on the table if he prepares and plays like he needs to.
  10. Re: Powerball Winner Dead of Cocaine Overdose

    Some people just can't handle money. I'm sure the state will find a way to get the remainder.
  11. Question: Re: Which Juniors will leave early for the NFL? Just Henry and A'Shawn So Far

    Allen coming back is huge from a leadership standpoint. Absolutely HUGE!
  12. News Article: Re: Alabama Players Thought It was Funny Clemson Players had Audacity to Talk Trash

    So theres a video of Watson and the OL that said the team hadn't been tested with the run embedded in the article. It won't play for me for some reason. I wanna know what was said and if someone...
  13. Re: High School to force students to attend racial identity classes

    Wonder if they'll go over MLK's comments on judging a man by his character or will they leave that out because it doesn't actually play well with their agenda.
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    Re: We need a bigger museum...seriously!

    I can see bringing extra building area out towards the front of the building. There's room to build. Would definitely make it easier to enjoy on game days with a larger building. It's hard to move...
  15. Re: Stats/Storylines the Have Gotten Lost in the Coverage from Last Night

    #8 ought to speak VOLUMES about how much the viewing public is tired of the commentators. I wonder what would happen if CBS were to link the video with the respective team's broadcast teams.
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