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  1. Re: It's Long Past Time for a Change in Basketball Officiating and Rules

    Can the SEC not blacklist anyone and not allow anyone to hire them or just ask that they not do so?

    Does baseball and other sports use the same system as basketball to hire officials with football...
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    Re: Bruce Jenner Update

    I work in grocery stores and Jenner's picture is on the cover of a number of celebrity magazines at the checkout. I was on the cereal aisle yesterday and saw a box of Wheaties with a picture some MMA...
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    Re: Army-Navy date could be problematic

    If Army joined the AAC, the game would be a conference game and they'd have to move it up so they could have the conference championship game.

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    Re: Bruce Jenner Update

    A friend of mine works at the Mercedes plant and says there is a German guy there that is in the process of changing teams. He said he wears ladies clothes and makeup and now answers to a female...
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    Poll: Re: The Future of Alabama Basketball

    If we fire Grant, they are going to hire someone just like him. A young coach who had success at a mid-major that may or may not work out.

    I think unless the season is a total disaster (such as...
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    Re: My predicament...

    Growing up, my family always went to Colorado skiing during spring break. I got fairly decent at it and could handle most of the blue slopes without falling, though sometimes that was part of the...
  7. LSU Brandon Harris' HS coach advising him to transfer out of LSU.

    I guess that coach can forget about ever getting any favors from Miles.

    Did any Alabama high school coaches ever blast Dubose or Shula like that?

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  8. Link: Re: Alabama Football History: Frank Thomas

    At the end of the Knute Rockne movie, they give a list of coaches who played for him. One they mention is Coach Thomas.

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    Re: Alabama Football History: Wallace Wade

    I never knew he was called Bear. Thanks for the link.

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    Re: Lane Kiffin Confirms Return to Alabama

    I know being a coach is a strange life, but I can't see being that far away from my family for that long.

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    Question: Re: Earle: Huntsville Rockets Football

    Is Dave Sington Fred's son?
  12. Re: Federal Judge Strikes Down Alabama's Same Sex Marriage Ban

    Shouldn't he concern himself with staying out of prison?
  13. Re: Federal Judge Strikes Down Alabama's Same Sex Marriage Ban

    I think the Supreme Court will strike all the laws down soon. I figured it would happen eventually, but not this soon. There have been a lot of these rulings lately.

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    Re: Mark Ingram makes 2015 Pro Bowl

    You ever see the ESPN 30 for 30 about broke athletes? He wouldn't be the first to blow through that much money.

    Let's say after taxes he has $6 million left from his signing bonus. What kind of...
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    Re: "American Sniper"

    It sounds like the guy who killed James was a but if a weasel, but if it saved lives then I have no problem with what he did.

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