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  1. Re: Saban's 2015 New Gameplan - We score A LOT, you punt a lot

    <thread hijack>
    I just flashed back to Monty Python's musical skit on this that had the memorial ending line, "I want to push the pram a lot..." :D
    </thread hijack>
  2. Re: Seahawks Coach comments on HUNH College Teams

    One of my all-time favorite games is when we beat Penn State 6-0 back in the 80s. A slobber-knocker featuring two incredible defenses. It so happened that our O got close enough on two occasions...
  3. Re: R.I.P. Darryl Dawkins a.k.a. "Chocolate Thunder"

    I had a fraternity brother back in the day who played HS hoops against Dawkins. He said it was pretty amusing, even as an opponent. Said they had no chance of getting any rebound, & not many of...
  4. Re: Which coach have you hated losing to the most?

    Pope Urban and Gus M lately.
    Back in the day, Error Parseghian & Fulmer.
  5. Re: In the Lull of Summer, Clinton Goes Where the Money Is

    Sure! It's like the old common strip punchline (Doonesbury, maybe?) said, "All great political leaders understand the working class. That's how they avoid being part of it!" ;)
  6. Link: Re: Novel idea from Holland for elderly with dementia...

    mrs. exiled spent last night in the hospital w/ her 85-y-o Dad who has Alzheimer's. He was still pretty high function mentally a couple of months ago. Then he fell & severely broke his upper arm. ...
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    Re: What music are you diggin'?

    Agreed. That was a great performance.

    As was Heart when I saw them live in the late 70s. I remember them closing out with Zep's "Rock & Roll" that was fantastic.
  8. Link: Re: Craig James suing Fox Sports for Religious Discrimination
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    Re: What music are you diggin'?

    Same here. Even if the guest artist du jour isn't one of my favorites, I very much enjoy the show.

    Back on topic, at the moment, it's this for me from Joe Bonamassa:
    (Live electric version)
  10. Re: Restaurants in Destin/Navarre area recommendations

    I haven't lived in FL in a long time, but I think this is only a requirement if you're attending a football game in the Swamp at Gainesville. (As is genuflecting at the statue of St. Tim right...
  11. Re: Restaurants in Destin/Navarre area recommendations

    My Mom's place has always been pretty consistently good, but I think she only serves family members now. :biggrin2: (I grew up in Ft Walton Beach).

    You already have my faves recommended here...
  12. Link: Re: 101 bits of trivia from the Civil War I didn't know...

    This. I haven't read the link yet, as I'm trying to process Earle saying there are things he doesn't know. :biggrin2:
  13. Thread: Finebaum.

    by exiledNms

    Re: Finebaum.

    Finebaum...Finebaum...Didn't he used to be a very average-at-best sportswriter for the B'ham News back in the 80s? Whatever became of that guy? ;)

    (Give me the screeching cats any day!)
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    Re: 33rd Anniversary 6/11

    Congrats! mrs. exiled & I just celebrated 31 yrs last week. We met @ UA, and incredibly, she went out with me & kept doing so. :biggrin2: I'm the luckiest guy around.

    Many more, Mike. You too,...
  15. Re: 40 years ago today -the fall of Saigon...

    I was in HS, so I remember it well. Plus, I lived in a town next to the largest Air Base in the world at that time, so knew/know a lot of folks who served there in various capacities.

    My step-Dad...
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