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  1. Re: Wallace Gilberry caught doing random act of kindness

    That dude is one of my all time favorites. Under-recruited and got a scholly from Shula due to his star play in the Alabama-Mississippi All Star Game. Dude is a stud with one of the coolest names...
  2. JessN: Re: If coaching carousel turns on Miles, someone at LSU is dumb

    I don't know. I am lucky to be born and raised in God's country as a Tide fan. Frankly, were I a corndog I would want Les gone. LSU hired Saban as an up-and-coming coach before most knew he was a...
  3. Re: Texas to unload the cash truck for Saban (New Report)

    Hilarious!! :)
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    JessN: Re: SEC Previews and Predictions: Week 12

    I dig premise is purely on Miles and the whos. That bunch plays with a lot of pride and I simply do not seeing them dropping 3 straight. I think you'll see a different team this weekend...
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    JessN: Re: SEC Previews and Predictions: Week 12

    Spot on with how I feel Jess...Black Bears defeated at home by the corndogs as well!
  6. Re: Finebaum wouldn't be suprised Saban leaves if he wins it all this year

    I like Paul but he is a shmuck. It is true his career has been made on pitting Bama fans against the Barn fans. That's show biz. But Nick is not going anywhere anytime soon. He has plenty of...
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    Link: Re: LSU and Alabama are no longer rivals

    Frankly, every school on our schedule is our rival. LSU is a big game - as is Arkansas, UT, TAMU, Ole Miss, State or even Vandy, as Coach Stallings always said. Every team we play has us circled on...
  8. Re: *** 2016 ATH Demetris Robertson Commits to Alabama ***

    As an 18 year old kid I would pick the Crimson Tide in a New York second. Stanford...not a bad choice either.
  9. Re: ***2017 4-Star Tuscaloosa RB Brian Robinson commits to Bama***

    Roll Tide Brian Robinson and welcome to the Capstone!
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    News Article: Re: Would Dabo answer if Mama (Alabama) calls?

    With all due respect Tiderman...worst post of the year for me.
  11. Re: The #1 Basketball player in the country for 2017 is visiting BAMA today

    But just getting him to visit is a coup IMO. Hopefully, the product on the court will be exciting enough to turn some more heads our way. I know one thing...our new coach certainly has the cult of...
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    Re: A'Shawn Robinson's Blocked PAT

    Great play. His draft stock just soared and we are really going to miss him. Roll Tide A'Shawn Robinson!
  13. Re: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly LSwho styile...

    "In this world there's two kinds of people, my friend. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig."
    Clint Eastwood
    The Good, Bad and Ugly
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    Re: Thank you Adam Griffith!

    Really happy for Griff...kickers need that mental edge and I think this performance gets everything back on track for him. He and the team are going to be peaking at the right time this year.
  15. Link: Re: CFB's "Ultimate Villain" Reigns Supreme"...

    It should read "Bama Dynasty Reigns Supreme" for that is exactly what we are witnessing.
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