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  1. Thread: PS4 users

    by RollTide1017

    PS4 users

    No one showed any interest so I never created one. I'll send you a normal friend request though. I'm currently playing Star Wars Battlefront, Fallout 4, The Witcher 3 and GTA V.

    NVM, just realized...
  2. Re: 50 Spies Say ISIS Intelligence Was Cooked....

    I don't believe Obama's remarks at all, the directive to water down the reports mostly likely came from his office.

    50 years from now Obama will be remember has the worst American president ever. ...
  3. Re: LSU Coach Les Miles May Be Coaching For His Job (Per Baton Rouge Advocate)

    I will not understand this movie if LSU pulls the trigger, it just doesn't make sense. I understand the world has changed and team fire coaches left and right but, anyone they hire will be a step...
  4. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly CSU styile

    Good - Alabama dominated and some backups got some good in game experience.

    Bad - CSU got spanked, couldn't have been much fun on that sideline no matter how big the check was. Really wish we...
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    Game Thread Re: Mitippi Tate @ Arky

    Defense just a suggestion for these teams, do they think they're in the Big 12.
  6. Re: Official Post Game Thread: Alabama vs CSU

    What an amazing win against a top ten team! WOW!

    Seriously, I've never seen them use the rank of an FCS team when playing an FBS team. Looked really dumb.
  7. Re: The process of refugee entry into the US explained

    Ask yourself how dead people continue to vote.
  8. Re: The process of refugee entry into the US explained

    I get that this is the normal process but, isn't the Obama administration trying to fast track some of these new Syrian refugees? Isn't that the whole problem that has everyone upset? Following the...
  9. Re: Mississippi State Superfan 'Stingray' Quits Due To Alabama Fans

    It's the internet, everything gets made fun of on the internet. If you can't take it then stop living your life here.

    Uh, we don't make fun of people based on color around here, grow up.
  10. Re: What do we know about Charleston Southern?

    Al, no need to worry. Troy (3-7) is bad and still beat them 44-16.
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    Re: Terror attacks in Paris.

    If that is the excuse they want use then they better not come crying when they are caught in the cross fire.
  12. Black Mizzou players say they'll strike until president Tim Wolfe resigns

    Where are the handful of supporters who were posting early on in this thread, do they still support them even after all this other stuff has come out?

    If a group of white students asked blacks to...
  13. Re: How should an American Christian respond to ISIS?

    It makes me a bad Christian and one day my Lord will judge me for it but, I hate Islam. That religion needs to be outlawed and eliminated.

    You won't have to worry about sending troops anywhere...
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    Terror attacks in Paris.

    Obama is inviting terrorist into this country but, it's okay, our government who can't use profiling will protect us. Plus, we are too worried about whinny college students in this country to even...
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    Game Thread Re: Oklahoma vs Baylor

    All you need to know about Baylor:

    8-0 against teams with a losing record

    0-1 against teams with a winning record.

    Bye, bye Bears, no playoffs for you!
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