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    Re: I'm Picking UT To Beat Ole Miss!

    OK....but how do you REALLY feel about uTn?

    Roll Tide...obliterate the vols!
  2. Re: Share your recipes for crow for a poster that needs them.

    I'll have mine well done, please. My concern was that Bama had not played disciplined football the past couple of games and that was not characteristic of the performance level we have become...
  3. Re: Game day-FSU fans are actually holding signs that read witch hunt.

    I don't know about a witch, but if there;s a thug-hunt going on, they've found one, and he's the QB for FSU. Live with it!

    Roll Tide!
  4. JessN: Re: Texas A&M preview: Vegas may have this one wrong

    I always feel that Bama can win. In the vast majority of games, I feel Bama should win. However, history teaches us that that is not always the outcome. Should Bama come out and play what I term as...
  5. Re: Jameis Winston signed 340 autographs for dealer...

    Well, I hope my fingers don't rot off from typing this...but...GO IRISH!

  6. Re: Jameis Winston signed 340 autographs for dealer...

    One way or another, I really don't believe the Winston will hang around for another year at FSU. There's too much mischief awaiting all around the Country in either the NFL or MLB.

    Roll Tide!
  7. Re: Jameis Winston signed 340 autographs for dealer...


    Roll Tide!
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    Re: CFN Bama vs Aggies

    I'm sorry guys, but my confidence level has been damaged by the lack of consistency and in-game discipline I've observed over the past couple of games. These past two games have been nothing like...
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    Re: Jimbo Fisher is unbelievable...

    Wouldn't he probably fit in better at Oakland than anywhere else?
  10. Re: Kurt Freitag caught with 112 grams of marijuana and $4,600, but not arrested

    What if that's most of the team?

    Roll Tide!
  11. Link: Re: Heisman Trust Removes "Integrity" From Mission Statement

    Actually, I was of the thought that Winston was the reason they did that they would be unencumbered in awarding it to him once again.
    You know, to ease their conscience...HAH!

    Roll Tide!
  12. Re: Breaking: FSU and TPD covered up the Winston case

    He still has baseball, doesn't he?
    The longevity factor is much higher than in Foolsball.
    Think of all the mischief he could get into there, with 162 games a year, and all of the cities he could...
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    Re: Coach Saban upset with high expectations

    Isn't this mostly CNS's fault?
    He said he came to Bama to win Championships (Which he has done, quite efficiently).
    He brought a 'Process" that has proven quite successful (when the recruited...
  14. Re: Breaking: FSU and TPD covered up the Winston case

    I guess he's 'All in' for Jameis. I hope he doesn't come to regret it, but the cat's out of the bag now.
    I do feel a certain loss of respect for CJF now. WIN! all costs and integrity!
  15. Re: Breaking: FSU and TPD covered up the Winston case

    Perhaps we might contact Cecil Newton for some Father/Spiritual advice.

    Roll Tide!
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