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  1. Thread: White Helmets

    by Jordan54

    Re: White Helmets

    I love our uniforms, but, I'm not a fan of the white helmets.
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Clemson NCG

    Bama 27 Clemson 17. Bama wins, but closer than I would like. I'll take a 1 point win. Roll Tide guys. It's great to be a Bama fan.
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    Re: Saban reaffirms he will never leave Bama

    Coach Saban staying is a great Christmas Gift to all Bama fans. We are all blessed that he is our coach. Roll Tide and Merry Christmas!
  4. Link: Re: Bramlett and White Radio Call of the Personal Foul and Unsportsmanlike Penalties

    Same here, just listened to this. This is pathetic. Unprofessional. Stan obviously hasn't recovered from the shots he took from Copeland and Curry.

    One point is being missed about the...
  5. Re: LSU Coach Les Miles May Be Coaching For His Job (Per Baton Rouge Advocate)

    All they need to do is look at Auburn. They replaced a National Championship coach (you can't take that away from Chizik), and thought they were replacing him with a guy that would win big. Doesn't...
  6. Link: Re: Jarran Reed tackling Nick Chubb with one arm while being held by UGA OL.

    Wow! What a play by Jarran Reed. Thanks for posting this video.
  7. Re: Why University of Alabama Football is Unique (article)

    I loved this article and would love to hear your story.
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    Re: Who wins, Auburn or Miss St?

    I'm going with the best QB against a terrible defense. State wins and talk of a new auburn coach begins.
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    Re: Prayers for Kerry Goode

    From someone who is witnessing this every day, this is a horrible diagnosis. All our prayers are for him and his family.
  10. Re: defensive stat that I was unaware of........ i knew things had gotten bad but...

    No excuses. Our defense is not making any big plays. However, a huge call, or no call, was the OM lineman 5 yards downfield blocking a running play that turned out to be a pass play and td. How...
  11. Link: Re: Auburn has 3 Fixable Problems, but There's No Time to Waste. LSU's Up Next.

    If LSU is smart with their play calling, Fournette should have a big day Saturday. I don't see this au defense stopping any good offensive line and great rb's. IMO, they are not very talented on that...
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    Re: First post..from a UGA fan

    Welcome. I remember my first game as a student. Missouri 1975 on a Monday night at Legion Field. Your daughter is about to have the time of her life.
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    Link: Re: At Auburn, Athletics and Academics Collide

    I agree. What's disturbing in this case is the fact that Top officials at the University, overruled the committee's decision to eliminate the major, after concluding that the major added very little...
  14. News Article: Re: Lane Kiffin 'Not Thinking About the Next Head Job,' Monte Kiffin Says

    His father says he is solely focused on Alabama. If he's with us only for one more season, and has the same success as 2014, that's fine with me.
  15. Re: Former UGA QB Jacob Park Tells Joe Schad He's Visiting Alabama This Weekend

    I'm not sure that I agree with CrimsonForce above about our process of recruiting and developing QB's. Under Saban, our quarterbacks have performed at a high level. It is true that some QB recruits...
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