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  1. News Article: Re: Luke Del Rio Opens Up About His Transfer

    wow, sounds like you were there during the fall and spring...
    great inside info on the real scoop of why Luke Del Rio decided to transfer.
    ...he was behind Sims bateman, and then with coker coming...
  2. Re: Webb-McCarron wedding to be reality show


    I dont have time to watch a TV show about someone else's life...It's enough for me to worry about the life I'm living.

    To each their of luck to them in marriage and life.
  3. Re: UGA's Newest Recruiting Tactic: Drawn Portraits of the Recruit

    I actually think its a pretty creative way to get their attention.
  4. Re: Chad Lindsay

    How do we know that Chad Lindsey wouldnt have been Nuss second choice to get at michigan if he was able to pick between them?
  5. News Article: Re: Alabama basketball players defend Anthony Grant, support him moving forward


    You seriously think taht Tom Izzo is going to leave Michigan State?
  6. Re: Presumptive depth chart based on the roster...

    Howard will become much more dengerous when he becomes a better blocker....He'll be a monster when he gets the blocking down for running plays, but until then, teams will just anticipate a pass when...
  7. Re: Presumptive depth chart based on the roster...

    Unless Henry comes in and fumbles right back. everyone seems to be writing Yeldon out based on a very limited sample size for Henry. Henry is going to be great, btu I just dont think he'll be the...
  8. Re: Saban elaborates on his position on speed of play...

    Football and basketball are two VERY different sports...I understand what your intent was, but this comparison is just not a fair one to make.
  9. Link: Re: Nick Saban looking for help? Not buying it

    got me there...I do have to say that I tend to hate everything that fella writes!
  10. Link: Re: Nick Saban looking for help? Not buying it

    its really got nothing to do with who's writing the article, its whether the reader likes the message it contains...
    its kinda funny.
  11. Replies

    Link: Re: Alabama Gets Two New Staff Members

    or maybe, its looking ahead to some that we want from that school...
  12. View Post

    Sounds to me like this might not be such a frivolous lawsuit. Too many players (people) think they can do whatever they want with no consequences.
  13. Re: Kiffin Offers Two Out West Kids For Bama

    hey, we play football too...maybe we can talk more about Bama, and less on that other school... ;)

    this was a thread started about two potential recruits, right?
  14. Re: Saban Coaching Error in game against Auburn

    we're fans, we're entitled to discuss team related things, including players we think should have played more, or plays that maybe didnt work.

    IO dont think its being critical to dsicuss those...
  15. Re: Saban Coaching Error in game against Auburn

    or, he has two fumbles in the game..or misses a block and McCarron gets blindsided, possibly injured...

    point is, we dont see what the coaches see throughout the practices. Its just way too easy...
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