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  1. Re: New Time Magazine Cover - Is Football Worth It?

    Because I guess it needs to be pointed out: dying from an underlying heart condition is different than dying from a direct result of the sport itself, such as head trauma.
  2. Link: Re: Jameis Winston suspended 1st half vs Clemson

    I also couldn't help but notice that he just had to wear a big gold chain outside of his shirt to do the press conference while expressing how humble and selfless he truly is. Again, I agree with...
  3. Re: Jameis Winston arrested for shoplifting crab legs at Publix

    I think sociopath is fairly accurate.
  4. Re: My son got his first rec(recruiting) letter today...

    Well, we all know that, if he plays his cards right, there will be a Corvette offered.
  5. Replies

    Re: The Ray Rice video

    It's kind of said that this article is a more accurate translation of NFL policy than a parody.
  6. News Article: View Post

    I thought it was more an issue of guys leaving their feet to make a tackle instead of bringing their feet with them as they are instructed. This is a fundamental of tackling and IMHO tough to correct...
  7. Re: and the beat goes on - jawjuh's annual pool party

    There was only one man who could pull that off, and he's dead. No respect I tell ya.
  8. Re: Tiger Woods Career Heading For The Sunset?

    The consensus in the golf community right now has to do with his swing coach, Sean Foley, and they are becoming more outspoken about it:...
  9. Re: too much free time on the job is why federal workers look at porn.....while at wo

    Talk to Bodhi.
  10. Re: It looks like the feds knew the immigration crisis was on us in January

    BTW: Epic fail tonight by the House GOP leadership on this bill. Cruz has established himself as more influential in the House than Boehner. This a very public fissure in the party. GOP needs to get...
  11. Re: Sharknado 2 anyone watching this garbage?

    No sense in even having the Oscars next year.
  12. Re: CB / S Ronnie Harrison Updates

    It's going to be tough for UNC to hold on to good recruits with the re-opening of the academic investigation and continuing rumors of further penalties.
  13. Re: DC Circuit Deals Potentially Fatal Blow to Obamacare (way too premature title)...
  14. Re: DC Circuit Deals Potentially Fatal Blow to Obamacare (way too premature title)...

    We shall see, but the trends aren't looking good for the GOP on the issue of healthcare, especially if they continue to refuse to proffer ideas of their own. It will be an interesting election if the...
  15. Re: DC Circuit Deals Potentially Fatal Blow to Obamacare (way too premature title)...

    Subsidy status didn't make much difference, both were around 70%, which represents a significant jump since Q1. Previous insurance status made a big difference. Those previously uninsured have been...
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