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    Re: McElroy commentary on ESPN...

    Really McElroy? Moe Green? ;)
  2. Re: BOL: Former Clemson QB Chad Kelly Visits Alabama on Sunday

    It looks like as Coach Saban is getting older, he's thinking about how much the families (sons) of football coaches sacrifice for their father's careers. I think this, as much as anything, may be...
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    Blog: Re: Latest Bama News 6/2/14

    They're showing Florida Softball on ESPNU on Dish in Huntsville. Any other channels or is Dish guide wrong? Thanks!
  4. Re: (Video) X's and O's With Coach Paul 'Bear' Bryant - 1973

    Loved it! That old fox... you noticed how he stammered and said he got ahead of himself? Lyin' dog! He was saving the best for last! Rutledge's touchdown was the first and allowed the others to...
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    Link: Re: McCarron: I Wasn't Healthy At Alabama

    AJ wasn't going to be drafted highly for his physical gifts. Not for his 40 time. Not for his crazy ability to break tackles and throw on the run. Not for his ability to extend plays with his legs....
  6. Re: American Football vs Rugby..Which Sport Is More Brutal????

    What's the average number of years a pro rugby player plays? There's your answer.
  7. Re: Believe it or not Kenyan Drake is going to the. NFL next year

    I couldn't believe how fast Matt Jones was until I was talking it over with a current (at the time) Bama player. He was telling me Matt Jones had run a sub 4.3 40. I was laughing and saying "no...
  8. Thread: SEC-TV Question

    by dtgreg

    Re: SEC-TV Question

    Any of you know the story of the River Landing development in (now annexed by Huntsville) Madison, AL ? I think ground was broken about 5 years ago and ATT was going to wire the whole area. There...
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. UK Game Thread***

    Go Levi!
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. UK Game Thread***

    Finally! I can't believe it didn't go the other way
  11. Re: How many career college second-stringers have had good pro careers?

    I should have blued the post. Although, he didn't start til his senior year and even then it seemed like Carr really wanted to let Henson be QB. And then the pros, where he didn't start, until...
  12. Link: Re: Here's An SI Article From 1968 About Hurry Up Offenses

    Still, REALLY enjoyed reading the article. I think the problem ultimately comes down to officiating. Officials don't wish to admit that they can't properly officiate the hurry-up. They don't want...
  13. Re: How many career college second-stringers have had good pro careers?

    Tom Brady! C'mon, man.
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    Link: Re: Dutch speedskating coach: US football 'sucks'

    I can just hear a version of this in my head read in Coach Bryant's sarcastic voice!
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    Re: Derrick Thomas "A Football Life".

    ^^^^ THIS!!

    I was SO glad DT held on those plays and SO ANGRY at the coaching staff for allowing that mis-match on TWO consecutive plays!! He doesn't hold, they win. Put in the dime package...
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