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  1. Re: Louisville self imposes 1 year post season ban

    It's not over.
  2. Re: Heartfelt thanks to runtheoption22 for his work today!

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    Re: *** 2016 4* RB BJ Emmons Commits to Bama ****

    LOI pending?
  4. Re: RB D'Vaughn Pennamon Updates (Ole Miss Commit)

    247 says he signed with OM
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    Re: *** CB Nigel Knott Commits to Alabama ***

    Looks like he could hop over the LSU line on a kick
  6. Re: Mercer Announces It will Play Alabama in 2017 and 2021

    Or just play Auburn twice
  7. Question: Re: Any word circulating on whether Kiffin will be returning or not?

    He is a thief and will eventually screw up big time. Hard to change a leopard's spots.
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    Re: Remaining Recruits

    Bama has a highly regarded business school as well. If we can get him on campus, we might have a shot.
  9. Question: Re: Which Juniors will leave early for the NFL?

    and FOX
  10. Re: Former Nebraska star Lawrence Phillips dead

    He had tremendous ability with the ball, but could never overcome his own demons. RIP
  11. Re: January 15-18 Recruiting Weekend Visitor List

    Let's land AJ and JJ !
  12. Question: Re: What impact will last night have on signings?

    You are right that the more wide open game plan might attract some interest. We need to finish strong and lock up a few more 5 stars :)
  13. Question: What impact will last night have on signings?

    Lot's of free pub. Will it help or scare people away? Thoughts from the gurus?
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    Re: Mortarboard sticker on the helmets?

    The stickers are a wonderful idea as recognition for the hard work of the grads
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    Re: TV Ratings?

    Ratings were down from years gone by. Perhaps because it was on ESPN instead of a network.
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