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    Re: Muschamp will be next allburn coach

    He is the greatest defensive mind in all of football. Auburn would be lucky to have him at the helm.
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains"

    It is clear Gus can't bring them a title, I hope he stays around for a long time.
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    Re: Pick the score: Georgia vs. Alabama

    I feel like 42-24 sounds about right.
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    Re: Tennessee loses to Florida

    Haha thank you.
  5. Re: defensive stat that I was unaware of........ i knew things had gotten bad but...

    SIAP, but I believe we have a had a butt load of turnovers in games where teams put points up on us. Turnovers are the only way to beat CNS, IMO.
  6. Re: To all the fans that left early......thanks for nothing!

    So they guy that made the sacrifice to go to the game, but left early, is getting called out by people who did not even go. Seems odd to me. I get where you are coming from though.
  7. Re: To all the fans that left early......thanks for nothing!

    I'm confused at how people who didn't go to the game, can be upset at the folks that went and left early.

    If everyone stayed home it would have looked really bad. I don't know a fan base in the...
  8. Re: To all the fans that left early......thanks for nothing!

    Yeah, every little thing counts but I just don't think it is possible to have both, Krazy. We are different; that's why we are the best. :)
  9. Re: To all the fans that left early......thanks for nothing!

    Where are people getting the idea of fans leaving early, hurting recruiting? I know a few places that hardly sell out, and still get recruits.

    As far as being loud and intimidating, do any of...
  10. Re: Barner thread from ITAT wishing they were us...basically!

    Has Auburn ever played well when they started a season highly ranked, around top 5? It seems like every time they have some hype going into a season they play really really bad.
  11. Re: Jim McElwain channeling his inner Nick Saban after Taylor throat slash

    I agree, it was the perfect amount of butt chewing, imo.
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    Re: Fourteen years...

    Gets me every time, just in case someone has not watched this,
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    Re: 8:15 Ole Miss start time, ugh

    Yeah it has killed our parties as well.
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    Re: Is Texas becoming a laughing stock?

    I like CCS but I think he is done. It seems most of the teams that have good coaches really improve in year 2.
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    Re: Bama, OSU, TCU, USC CFB Playoff

    TCU doesn't belong with the other three.
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