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    Link: Re: Bama #1 in New ESPN Poll

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    Re: What is Your Favorite Kind of Win?

    (Favorite kind of win for me is) The kind where I get to put a "W" beside the Tennessee, LSU, and Auburn games on the schedule on the fridge...
  3. Re: West Virginia 3-3-5 Defense against Alabama

    3-3-5?...They better put more than 3 guys on the line to stop our backs....Just saying...cuz once they get into the second level...look out..
  4. Link: Re: 2014 Seems to have bought in according to Coach Saban

    Like I've said before, with all the talent we have on this team, if everybody's bought into the "System"...then it'll be a Super Year...Roll #16 Roll!!
  5. Link: Re: Saturday Down South's 10 Best RB's of the BCS Era.

    I'm not surprised to see that about TJ....He's a beast running the ball, and while alot are stuck on how good Henry will be (and I too like Henry alot) we tend to forget that this year TJ has a...
  6. Re: What Drives Alabama RB Derrick Henry? An 'I've Got to Stay Hungry' Attitude

    Hopefully He attacked his blocking technique....If this is any indication on how he handles things, his blocking should be down pat.
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    Re: A replay of 1992 maybe?

    Barker threw 2 int's in the Championship game...if it wasn't for the defense, we mighta lost that one. Anybody remember that? And until I see the defense this year, it's gonna be hard for me to...
  8. Re: The most/least penalized SEC teams over the last 5 seasons

    Well, what else did you expect with a Saban coached team huh?
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    Re: Trouble Brewing in Louisville

    Rutro Raggy.......
  10. Re: Positive Thoughts about our team this year!

    We gots a chip on the ole shoulder!!
  11. Re: Thank you Rece Davis. Thank you! (HUNH Offenses)

    He's absoulutely correct. And I wish the NCAA would address this issue.
  12. News Article: Re: Selection Committee Ranking Protocol Released

    Like I said before, this is going to be like wadding up a slinky in your hand, eventually it'll come unraveled.
  13. Link: Re: ESPN Hosts Take A Dip In Alabama Whirlpool During Bus Blitz

    Gonna havta drain the water and sanitize it real good now that Kannell's been in there.;)
  14. Re: Public Speaking Skills and the College Athlete

    Public speaking comes with experience, although I'm sure it could be taught....but experience is the best teacher. I mean look at TJ Yeldon...He's able to speak to the Media more and more today than...
  15. Re: With Our Schedule - And a Weak Lot of opposing QBs - Where do we lose 2 games?

    No way,....With all the talent we got, plus a chip on our shoulders, if these boys play to their full potential every Sat., there's NO WAY we lose 2 games. Heck, I think we go undefeated. JMO
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