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  1. Re: Ann Coulter Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

    You mean the pic or the water?
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    Re: somewhat crappy news

    I hope you do well. Prayers sent.
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    Re: Who are black leaders, IMO

    I know some of you will not want to hear this, but what they need is what we all need, a relationship with God. Not a certain preacher or religion but God Himself. I fail every day but I always...
  4. Re: Power and water shut off, Huskers' Bell paid bills with bartender gig

    I agree. My youngest is 16 and I guess I have been too easy on him, he is just now getting his tan and callouses!! I think he is proud of it, I know I am...
  5. Re: Power and water shut off, Huskers' Bell paid bills with bartender gig

    Did he have any tattoos?? I hope everyone realizes that a person can be broke making $100,000 a year. What people call necessities today boggles the mind. That being said I would support an...
  6. News Article: View Post

    Please try to design something that looks good with trees growing around it....
  7. Re: Fresno "leaders" criticize school district for hiring white teacher

    So do we only need to hire Caucasians when English teaching positions are open??
  8. Re: N. Korea Threatens Nuclear Strike On White House

    A nut with a Nuke!!
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    Re: Would appreciate some prayers

    Praying for you!
  10. Re: DC Circuit Deals Potentially Fatal Blow to Obamacare

    Kill the Bill!
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    Question: Re: Best Cornerback in Saban Era?

    Antonio Langham
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    Re: OK, looking for a CWW...

    I carry a Springfield XD in .45. It's a large weapon but I'm a pretty good sized boy myself. It is a tack driver and I do believe the saying about never shoot a large caliber man with a small...
  13. Re: Amend the Constitution to Give Congress the Power to Regulate Campaign Finance?

    Hey, here's a fresh idea. Let's just leave the constitution alone and start prosecuting all the office holders that experience a net worth increase of more than 110% of their salary less living...
  14. Re: Thoughts from our liberal brethren on the recent events regarding Obamacare.

    It appears that the business must be able to demonstrate that their religious views are inseparable from the company...
  15. Re: AL Baptist church pastor can't remember how many boys he's molested over the year

    I think he should get death by belt sander. Start at the bottom and work your way up pausing only when he loses consciousness.
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