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    Re: 2014 "The Opening" Thread

    I just saw the replay too. 4.58 is slower than I was expecting. I wonder if it his top end speed or his start that is not good. As a corner, top end speed isn't quite as important as change of...
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    Re: 2014 "The Opening" Thread

    love it! already bonding. I thought we are supposed to have 10 there. Who are we missing?

    Didn't Minkah win the shuttle run event? He started it off and I didn't see anyone beat him while I...
  3. Link: Re: Four Critical Questions that will Determine the 2014 CFB Playoff

    How about this critical question:

    How quickly can we apologize for being wrong and just use the BCS to determine the 4 teams?
  4. Re: *** QB Blake Barnett Commits to Alabama ***

    Glad to hear Barnett moved up in the rankings considering he had an off day on Monday. At least, some reported he had an off day on Monday.
    Who has been our best finisher in the Elite 11? ...
  5. Re: Position battle in Fall Camp ( My thoughts)

    I haven't bought into Kiffin as an OC yet. Our offense looked scatter-brained in the A-day game. And don't say it was because SAban kept the play calling bland. If this was our basic plays and we...
  6. Re: Calvin Ridley's one handed catch at the Opening

    I was hoping it was not Minkah Fitzpatrick. He should have his 5th star by the end of this week if he keeps playing well.
  7. Re: Best Punt returner out of Maze, C. Jones, or Javier Arenas

    Those actually look pretty close. looking at the average and even TD's. The big difference is that Palmer didn't have the help that Arenas had. I love Arenas as much as anyone, but these numbers...
  8. Re: Best Punt returner out of Maze, C. Jones, or Javier Arenas

    I have to go with the Deuce on this one. He was so electric. He made things happen when no one else helped him at all. At least with Saban, you know you have a better team to help you. Palmer...
  9. Re: Best Punt returner out of Maze, C. Jones, or Javier Arenas

    I think Arenas, Maze, then Jones.
    Arenas didn't have the top speed of the other 2, but was fearless and would nearly always make the first man miss.
    Maze had better speed and more elusive. I...
  10. Re: Position battle in Fall Camp ( My thoughts)

    -- Jarran Reed
    -- Dalvin Tomlinson
    -- Jonathan Allen
    -- Da'Shawn Hand
    --Brandon Ivory
    -- Dee Liner
    -- Anthony Orr
    -- Darren Lake
    -- Dakota Ball
    -- Wilson Love
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    Re: Dee Milliner

    Glad to hear. Hope he has a good season. Wonder if that ND TE still has nightmares about Milliner.
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    Re: Kenyan Drake Arrested

    When are they going to come out with more information?
    Answering my own question: If they haven't come out with all of the details by now, we may never know. Saban does a good job of keeping...
  13. Question: Re: Does anyone think Bama will end up with a top 10 prospect this year?

    Would love to get Settle and Payne. Even if it meant losing TD Moton. Even though, Settle seems more of a DE in our scheme and Moton seems like a NG type. Payne would probably end up at DE also.
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    Re: Kenyon Drake Arrested

    I don't have all the facts either. I'm guessing if he wanted to get to his car, it wasn't to drive home. It was to get something out. He had to have know he couldn't drive through the tape. I'm...
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    Re: Encouraging News about Bo Scarborough

    If we put Yeldon, Drake, and Henry in at the same time, that means either Cooper, White, or CJ will have to come out. And that is assuming Fowler isn't in there also. I know sometimes it is fun to...
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