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  1. Link: Re: Why OJ Howard is Playing Better Than You May Think

    All I know is that he is one heck of a secret weapon. I am sure there are some plays down the road with him penciled in as the primary receiver designed to catch the opponent flat footed. It could...
  2. Question: Re: Is Ole Miss bad enough to lose 3 games this year?

    I don't think the bears are bad. I think they played their best game of the season against us (last two years) early in the season only to find out that beating Bama (which is everyone's priority)...
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    Re: Tennessee WR Alton "Pig" Howard Dismissed from team

    How long will it take for Pig to show up at Auburn and Duke at UT?
  4. Re: Film study: Alabama’s DBs starting to look like NFL prospects again

    My take is that our DBs have been and remain vulnerable (just as every team) vs new wave spread pass-happy teams with QBs that can scramble and capable of operating their offense. Our DBs will...
  5. JessN: Re: Arkansas preview: Razorbacks may not have the horses to win this one

    Nice job Jess. Pure intuition tells me that the Hogs will make it closer. I would be surprised if we win by more that 10.
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    Re: Confirmed - Bo to play this week...

    I'm really glad to have him in a game but not really optimistic about any impact he'll have immediately for us. Maybe by the MSU game D coordinators will be scheming for him but Saturday I'm just...
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    Re: Weather Could Play a Factor Saturday

    Weather may a factor in the game but it will not affect the outcome. These teams are built very similarly. Many suggest that UGA has not been tested but I don't think that matters either. The...
  8. JessN: Re: Georgia preview: Bulldogs are masters of efficiency

    I have to admit to not reading the preview because I know Jess' level headed approach is always spot on. For that reason I don my crimson colored glasses and predict a resounding victory for the...
  9. JessN: Re: Georgia preview: Bulldogs are masters of efficiency

    That's what Crimson colored glasses are for Tidemom...comeon and get with the program ;-)
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    Re: Pick the score: Georgia vs. Alabama

    UA 34-0
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    Re: Kiffin and Saban on the sidelines Saturday

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    JessN: Re: SEC Previews and Predictions: Week 4

    Nice Jess, thank you for your insights. This is going to be a crazy season in the SEC.
  13. Re: How Will Bama Defend Ole Miss's Tall Receivers

    Yep - our D Line must own the LOS...
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains"

    dig it, a classic example of a team that does not play to a standard - one which Coach constantly harps on at the Capstone.
  15. Link: Re: Derrick Henry Almost Transferred After His Freshman Season

    It's called the maturation process. We are not defined by our successes. We are defined by our failures and what we do to overcome them.
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