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  1. News Article: Re: "Palcohol" powdered alcohol wins federal approval

    Know that if the Like button were activated, I would have clicked it for this. :Smiliz_Kingz_PDT_02
  2. Re: Not Surprising News: Colts Waive Trent Richardson

  3. Re: Man injured in CA plane crash - reported to be Harrison Ford

    He's a little old to be attempting the Kessel Run.
  4. Link: Re: Wow! Governor Scott knows how to take care of his finances...

    Did they ever?
  5. Re: "Banning Ammo is a common sense step to protect the 2nd Amendment"

    It's not just that its "handgun" ammo, but that its got steel core (many other .223/5.56 variants are lead core and are not affected by the ban) and can be fired from the AR-15 platform, which...
  6. Rob Ezell hired by Alabama football staff

    Worked under McElwain at CSU and Coach Mac had some praise for him.

    It just says support staff, so I wonder if he will be the official Saban Impersonator? ;)

    Welcome home Rob!

  7. Re: "Banning Ammo is a common sense step to protect the 2nd Amendment"

    Fun fact: M855A1 (green tips) ammunition was developed to reduce lead accumulation at training ranges and to reduce lead poisoning in certain animal species (particularly those that feast on carrion...
  8. Link: Re: Car Thief Throws A Brick, Mercedes Throws It Back

    What ever that window is made of, we need to see if we can transfer that technology to cell phone screens.
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    Re: Five coaching roads to nowhere

    Hard to believe that Colorado is one of ESPNs 5 toughest. They used to run out some pretty good teams in the late 80s and into the 90s.
  10. John Chavis files lawsuit against A&M, LSU

    So is this the new trend in coaching? Between this and the Texas/Ok State situation, are we seeing a new trend where schools are using litigation to hold coaches to contract terms?

    I don't recall...
  11. Link: Re: Nico Johnson Says Blake Barnett Reminds Him of Ryan Mallett

    I certainly hope not. Mallett was too easy to rattle and complained to the refs more than most NBA players.
  12. Re: What Nick Saban has done to the SEC since 2007

    But we should probably fire him.

    - AJC Sports Writers if he loses a game
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    Re: NFL Combine 2015

    Even running at full speed he seems impassive.
  14. Re: For those wondering what happened to Marlon Humphrey....

    I don't know enough about track and field or each players events to answer this myself, but will we ever see Humphrey and Brown on the same relay team?
  15. Interesting passage from The Last Coach by Allen Bara

    I've been reading The Last Coach by Allen Bara and a passage near the end jumped out at me.

    The book was published in 2005 and near the end, Bara discusses Bryant's death and the numerous coaches...
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