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    Re: First time at Bryant Denny

    Don't know how you are with bars, but it's worth poking around in The Houndstooth a little bit. Pretty cool memorabilia, TVs going, and a lively crowd. We like to stop by Gallette's and have a...
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    Re: Cooper vs. Hargreaves III

    Brings back memories of Julio facing Patrick Peterson. Hope Cooper fares better than Julio did, but I suspect he will given A) the number of other receiving options, B) the fact that VHIII isn't as...
  3. Re: Most Convenient Major Airport near Tuscaloosa

    You shouldn't have a problem with BHM. Lots of flights in and out with a few airlines.
  4. Poll: Re: Which is the best Bama vs southern miss memory

    1990 versus Southern Miss was my first ever Bama game. My Dad took me and we had to endure watching the Tide lose. I left that day with a really bad taste of Southern Miss.

    Ironically, I ended up...
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    Re: West Virginia Game, Who's Going?

    I'm going. Not a regular at the Dome, but we went last year for VT and here are some quick observations.

    First, tailgating at the Georgia Dome, to me, really pales in comparison to tailgating at...
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    Re: Top 25 Games of 2013 on ESPNU

    Just got through watching it. What baffles me is that we had the ball up 7, on their 25-yard-line, with a 3rd and 2, and came away with no points. It's almost unfathomable. Even if we fail to pick up...
  7. Question: Re: Who Will be Bama's Most Likely Heisman Contender in 2014?

    Statistically speaking, you would have to go with Coker if anyone. QBs are always disproportionately represented in Heisman talks. However, if it is RB from our team, I think you would have to look...
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    Re: SEC Pre(dicition) Season: Auburn

    I think being the hunted is a very big factor. In my lifetime, Auburn has never met expectations when the national media ranked them near the top. They seem much more comfortable in the spoiler role....
  9. Re: 2015 Prospect: 3* OLB Keaton Anderson (Florence High School)

    I follow him on Twitter. Very eccentric kid and other athletes seem to like him a lot. If he chooses UA, I think he could be a real locker room leader.
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    Re: I Need Ticket Stubs

    Keith, I sent you an email yesterday. Check your junk mail in case it went there.
  11. Re: You can make one change for the good of College Football?

    Open signing period with no National Signing Day. The only thing that gives me more heartburn than the actual games is trying to follow recruiting. Too many games being played. If a kid wants to play...
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    Re: 2013 Alabama-Mississippi All Star Game

    Yeah, the weather was downright awful. I was planning to take my son, but just way too wet. I've been the past two years and the crowd isn't too shabby.
  13. Re: Jameis Winston investigated for sexual assault - update: DNA match found

    Maybe she meant 5.9"
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    Link: Re: ESPN - The Experts: McCarron For Heisman?

    I don't have time to do it, but I would like to compare AJ's performance this year to Ken Dorsey's during the Miami run. I've always thought that was a pretty good comparison in terms of college QB...
  15. Re: Upcoming Auburn Game: Areas for Concern and Confidence

    To me, this game will essentially be a test of mental toughness on three different levels. First, the mental toughness to withstand whatever initial punch the Barn and their delusional hordes throw...
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