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  1. Re: With the Birmingham/true Iron Bowl sentiments......

    The current game as it is played is not the Iron Bowl anymore. It's just the Alabama-Auburn game. We should drop the moniker, because it has lost it's meaning (it's not in the Iron city any more, and...
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    Re: Mario Cristobal : how would you grade him?

    I recall reading that CMC teaches all positions on the line to each player. So, I would expect the development be a little slower for the guys in the short term/early to mid season and the end of the...
  3. Re: ESPN is going hard for the Buckeyes to be included in the playoff

    Yes, because losing to the now number 1 team (Miss St. loss to Alabama) is better than losing to a 5-5 team. Mississippi's only actual problem is they play in the SEC West. If OSU did too, they would...
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    Re: CNS and How to Play Pass Coverage

    Our DBs have improved a lot. Just watch how many times the ball is thrown to the receivers lately and the DB is right there interfering with the catch, in place to catch the ball, or when the...
  5. Re: Besides Miss State, which of these two teams worry you the most?

    I'm only worried about Alabama. We have all of the players and coaches to beat anyone in any game. All we have to do is prepare to play to our potential, execute, stay healthy, respond to adversity...
  6. Re: Jameis Winston signed 340 autographs for dealer...

    Really not much would surprise me with Mr. Winston at this point. He's just another highly talented individual that will make a mockery of our justice system and our country's moral code as he lines...
  7. Re: I WANT TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT GUS !!!! And i am wanting everone's input.

    There are no simple answers to human behavior, but he may just not know enough about defense to really help team field a highly functional defense. He may have a total hands off approach to the...
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    Re: How can I get a picture with Saban?

    Print a large cutout version of Coach Saban. Stand next to cutout. Take picture. Voila! Or stand next to his statue and photoshop colors into it when you get home.
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    Re: A Complaint About the Band

    Sounds like the OP's complaint was about the PA system, not the band.
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    Re: VOls Players Suspected of Rape

    I'm sure there's every cause and reason under the sun. I've heard from more than one woman that they were having fun until things went too far, and they had no ability to stop the men.
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    Link: Re: Eyepopping experience chart from Steele...

    I do remember Coach Saban saying he was starting all over this year. And, I've been very proud of this team while watching them grow up on the field playing some really good teams. If this team keeps...
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    Re: Is CMR to blame for Gurley's Injury?

    Anyone who's watched any Auburn football should realize they are not out of a game until the time expires at the end of the fourth quarter. I believe Gurley should have been in the game until it's...
  13. Re: For an F.S.U. Football Player, a Hit-and-Run Becomes Two Traffic Tickets

    Any normal organization (besides Congress) would be under investigation by now for the amount of un-investigated, un-reported, and un-procecuted stuff going on down there. I would definitely try to...
  14. Re: Thanksgiving Vizio Commercial Features Alabama Football

    I think Visio just make a million new fans, and 6 TVs in Lee county just got dumped on the curb. :0)
  15. Re: For an F.S.U. Football Player, a Hit-and-Run Becomes Two Traffic Tickets

    Looks like this department may require a significant house cleaning. And the complicity between the FSU PD and the Tallahassee PD is at least concerning, if not damning. It does make one wonder what...
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