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  1. Link: Re: Update: Jameis winston out whole clemson game!!!!!!!

    If true, I wonder if he's considered studying sociology.
  2. Link: Re: Update: Jameis winston out whole clemson game!!!!!!!

    Yeah, call me cynical, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if FSU is down at the end of the 3rd Q, and they call upon the Penn State decision to waive the remainder of the punishment because 'he's...
  3. Poll: Re: Did you know what Winston was talking about?

    I was familiar with it.

    Two websites are pretty good references. I won't link them (front pages might have language not suitable for Tidefans at any given time), but they are called "urban...
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    News Article: Re: Oh Alabama schools, really?

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    Re: Student given detention for sharing lunch

    Never underestimate the stupidity of those in charge of public education.
  6. Re: New Time Magazine Cover - Is Football Worth It?

    To be honest, I've asked myself the same question. Not because of the risk of physical injury, which participants knowingly undertake, but when seeing places like Happy Valley, PA and Tallahassee FL...
  7. Re: Saudi Arabia has an extensive border with Syria? WH spokesman thinks so...

    I'd settle for a media that would be equally critical toward Obama as they would've been to Palin.
  8. Re: Tennessee jumps on the bad uniform bandwagon for the florida game

    That ain't the orange you can sit with.
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    Re: The Ray Rice video

    I haven't weighed in on this yet, but have been mulling over various thoughts.

    1. This is first and foremost a court/criminal justice system issue. If they don't handle this, why are people...
  10. Re: "Hey White People" - from the kids of Ferguson

    Before I'm willing to accept the veracity of the conclusions made from those studies, I have serious questions about the methodology.

    Just like the 'women make $.80 for every $1 a man makes, for...
  11. Re: "Hey White People" - from the kids of Ferguson

    I'm curious who her source was. I doubt the officer spoke to her, and if anyone at the hospital revealed anything regarding a patient's records or test results that would be a serious violation of...
  12. Re: "Hey White People" - from the kids of Ferguson

    I see the indoctrination of victimhood isn't slowing down.
  13. Link: Re: Another potentially bad tipper by a celebrity/pro athlete.

    FIFY. Check out VerizonMath:
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    Re: What hiring managers are looking for

    I was having a conversation with a girl working in HR a few years ago. She said "A lot of people think we aren't supposed to look at applicants' Facebook, but we do." That's why I preceded with...
  15. Re: Will we see an ISIS terror attack on American soil? What will be the reaction?

    There's no doubt in my mind there are people planning attacks. There were celebrations in the streets in some of those places over the deaths of 3,000. They would've been even happier if it had...
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