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  1. Re: Another example as to why my family spends a fortune on groceries...

    This just made me crave an ice cream sandwich.
  2. Re: If you Carry a weapon , what do you carry?

    In addition to coveting a Springfield XD, I have my eye on a 1911. No particular model, but I do see one in my future.
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    Re: Who has been our most talented Tider ?

    Good grief! Just one??

    Impossible I say!

    Here's just the ones I can think of off the top of my head

  4. Re: If you Carry a weapon , what do you carry?

    I have a S&W 9mm Shield for carry purposes and a S&W M&P 9mm for around the house. Yes. I am a S&W fan.

    I a toying with the idea of getting a Spring Field XD in .45. Shot a friends the other...
  5. Re: Dad beats man who was molesting his son

    I'm certain I wouldn't be able to show restraint.
  6. Question: Re: Could kiffen have saved Tennessee or was he always destined to be a coordinator?

    Saved them? Probably not.

    But given a few more years, he would have left them in better shape than Dooley did.
  7. Re: Rolling Stones Lists the 5 Most Dangerous Guns

    This just in -

    Rolling Stone reports that the 5 most dangerous to foods eat are:

    Meat / poultry
  8. Re: Microsoft slashing 18K jobs or 14% of workforce

    That they let folks go now that they've integrated Nokia is not a surprise. That its 18,000 is pretty shocking.
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    Re: Breakout True Freshman?

    I'd guess Hand or one of the corners.

    Ideally, it would be all three, along with Evans. ;)
  10. Re: New Book Claims Texas Offered Coach Saban $100 Million

    Agree. It seems a little convenient that Finebaum saved this nugget for his book. If there was truth to it, I think Finebaum would have dropped this during the chase or shortly after. And I think...
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    Re: McElroy commentary on ESPN...

    I think this sums it up well.
  12. Re: Workers at Lowe's Rebuild a Veteran's Wheelchair

    Note to self: shop at Lowes more often.

    Great story.
  13. Re: USC & Alabama will play Sept. 3, 2016 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas

    This is great news.
  14. Link: Re: Golden Flake Sponsorship Of The Southeastern Conference Has Ended

    I'm guessing that in this day and age it became too expensive for Golden Flake to justify paying the sponsorship fee.
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    Re: This kid hit the selfie jackpot

    True. The city proper is similar. But in terms of a population base that draws folks into the city, Atlanta is far larger than Omaha, making it more likely that there would be numerous people and...
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